Photo--Ice cream recipe from teresa_nc's swap box

soozJuly 9, 2011

Ohhh, I've been waiting to try this one! It's from a book teresa_nc included in my wonderful swap box - I made gelato!

Here's a photo, including that darling ice cream scoop Teresa sent. Oh yum!

I made half a recipe so it would fit in my ice cream maker and added maple syrup to make it Maple Gelato, and I modified the recipe a little bit.

Here's the recipe that I'm calling.... Maple Gelato

4 egg yolks

1/2 C sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 C milk (it's supposed to be 3 C milk and no cream, but I worked with what I had and it came out great!)

1 C cream

1 T maple syrup

Beat egg yolks and sugar until light and fluffy looking.

In a sauce pan, heat the milk and cream until little bubbles and foam start showing up around the edges.

Start adding the milk/cream mixture to the egg mixture a little at a time to temper the egg mixture. Stir by hand constantly as you add the hot mixture.

Return the egg/milk mixture to med-low heat and gently heat until mixture coats the back of a spoon. Strain through a sieve or strainer.

Add vanilla and maple syrup and maple flavoring. (I strained it again at this point). Chill over night.

Process as directed on your ice cream maker.

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Delicious!!!! Nice Sooz.

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Looks yummy! How nice you're enjoying your swap gifts!


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Sooz, that gelato looks soooooo creamy.


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I Love LOVE L*O*V*E* my swap gifts!

The gelato was very very creamy!!

Here's another photo--this is of the Sanders Butterscotch Caramel sauce...I'm still working on my "skills" of fixing the background without messing up the objects too much!

Hubby and I tucked into this right after I took a couple of photos. Oh can you say YUM ? Yes I can!


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Those pics are good enough for a professional photo shoot, Sooz! Makes me just want to lick the spoon on the second pic!

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Oh, I just love caramel. I could lick the screen looking at that. Nice photo.

Love your ice cream scoop. That gelato looks out of this world.

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Oh, my! That sounds like a wonderful combination. You've really put that great summer package to good use. Sanders brings back such good memories for me. Growing up in Detroit, my Aunt Bernice used to take me on the bus Downtown to Hudson's department store. We'd always end our day with a hot fudge sundae or cream puffs topped with hot fudge or caramel sauce (Sanders of course!).


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Oh yum, sooz, that looks delicious.

Like Spacific, I grew up with Sanders ice cream topping, I can still buy it here at the local Meijer's. Sigh. I just don't.

I ought to pick some up for the grandkids. Yeah, that's it, for the grandkids...


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