cast iron griddle even?

rdwrightMarch 1, 2005

I am thinking about getting a large cast iron griddle. At the moment, I use the All-Clad double burner griddle and love its even heat (i.e. the area between the burners is just as warm as the area over the burners.) I am wondering if this would be the case for cast iron as well. I am currently looking at the Lodge Logic Pro Grid/Iron Griddle for its size, reversible sides, and cast iron's indestructibility. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Our cast iron griddle dosn't heat evenly but I still love it and use both sides of it. That brand may do better?

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No, a cast iron griddle will not heat as evenly as your All-Clad griddle. Cast iron has high thermal mass (so it holds heat well) but low conductivity (so it heats unevenly). In contrast, aluminum has low thermal mass (so it cools off if overloaded with cold food) but high conductivity (so it heats evenly). The best material is copper which has both high thermal mass and high conductivity, but it's too expensive to be practical for griddles.

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I always thought cast-iron griddles were best but have been having trouble w/ uneven heating on mine.

That's a great explanation, VeloDoug! Thanks.

Probably the solution is to give your griddle a long time to heat up, so the heat can spread.

But my big problem w/ the aluminum griddles I've seen is, the handles stick up! They'll get in the way while I'm flipping, I'm just sure (esp. since I'm only 5'2"), and the biggie:

They will be hard to store. I currently stand my griddle up in a side cabinet, and put OTHER stuff standing up in there, too. Those handles will be a PITA.

Anybody know of an aluminum griddle WITHOUT those big sticking-up handles?

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Talley Sue, I have a Chef's Design cast aluminum griddle. Smooth on one side, ridged on the other. It looks like the cast iron ones. I've had mine for about 3 years and it seasoned up just like my favorite cast iron skillets. It has no handles on it, and I have no problem with the heat distribution.

However it looks like the only ones out there now have non-stick coatings.

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