Dishwasher installation questions

hawaiivivNovember 2, 2007

I purchased a Bosch dishwasher and we are installing our kitchen cabinets this week. I was just looking through the Bosch installation manual and it says to allow 23 5/8" - 24 1/4 " width between the cabinets for the dishwasher. My KD had allowed for 25 1/4" and supplied side trim to make up for the gaps. Now I'm wondering if that was wrong. Should the cabinets on either side of the dishwasher be spaced closer together ( 24 1/4" instead of 25 1/4") ? We will be having plywood and granite on top of the cabinets. I believe the DW needs to be side mounted because we are having granite.

Second question: our electrician just put an outlet under the sink area for the dishwasher and disposer, so neither of them can be hardwired. Is that the correct way to do it?

Do we just order a plug adapter for both the DW and the garbage disposal, and they both plug in the same outlet?


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Dishwashers and disposers just plug into the same (one) wall socket below the sink. They need not be hardwired -- dishwashers are never hardwired.

If you have plywood under your granite counter, the diswasher can be attached to the plywood along the front top. Diswashers come with the hardware for the tie-down there as one, the usual, option.

Width of cabinet opening sounds fine for your dishwasher.

If you have the old dishwasher and disposer, detach cord and plug. You can use those on you new appliances, or you may have to buy new ones.

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... dishwashers are never hardwired.Sorry, incorrect. I've seen several dishwashers that were hard-wired, although that was in the 1980s and earlier. It may not be so common nowadays, but it was in the past.

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I'm guessing your KD designer didn't allow 25 1/4" for the dishwasher, that's just what was left after all the other cabinets are in, it's pretty much a given, that you are going to use a filler strip somewhere in your kitchen. Yes 25 1/4" is too much. My Miele, another German brand, gives only one dimension, 23 5/8", if I were you, that's what I would cut the filler strip to, sometime in the future if you want a full 24", you can always take more off. My Miele doesn't even have the tabs on the top, and can only be side mounted. After the filler strip is in, I had to build out the sides of the cabinets, the frame of my cabinets stick out farther than the rest of the side of the cabinet,about 3/16" on the side without any filler strip, and farther back, than where the frame is, is where the screw holes are on my Miele.

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teedup - better stick to golf and not kitchen advice. We do projects all over North America, and the MAJORITY of DW that are not Miele are hardwired. We like to specify that they have a cord/plug added so it's easier for the end user to deal with. We also do not recommend sharing a recpeptacle btw. the DW and disposal, especially high $$$ ones with computers controling them. These boards don't really like the surges that happen when motors startup. It's not really that big an issue, but we like to err on the safe side. Also, you should hear the guff we get from electricians when we want the cord. Not all granite installs get plywood. In fact in ATL, no one I know uses it except for tops that are really thick (2-6" thick). The standard is 3cm so there is no reason for the plywood. This is also the preffered way so there are no seams on the flat edge. Please be careful about the advice you dispense around here, especially when you talk in terms of absolutes. Practices and requirements in Cali. are often very different than those in NYC, Des Moines, or Jackson, WY. Example: For all practical purposes you now HAVE to use flourecent lights in a kitchen remodel, but people in Memphis, can use what ever they want.

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Several issues here.

You can put pieces of plywood in to shim DW to screw to cabinets.

To screw to granite, epoxy some thin pieces of wood to underside of granite, where DW will screw in. Then screw into wood. DO NOT screw directly into granie, as it creates a weak spot in the granite. Remember, the DW sits on the floor-all the screws do is prevent it walking across the floor.

Today, most DW's and disposals are plug-in, as it makes servicing easier (no trapsing back and forth to turn off breaker...) but some locales may prefer or require one installation method over the other. Disposals are generally plugged into switch-controled outlets. otherwise when plugged in, they will start running and not stop. Exception are those that will be controlled by an air switch or batch-feed disposers-these plug into normal always live outlets, without GFCI's.

Agree that disposals and DW's are generally on seperate circuits, for reasons that antss mentions.

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Sorry, OP, but my absolute opinions are just that - OPINIONS!! They are based on life experience in my locale, nothing more.

I responded to OP who said that they ARE using plywood (not uncommon), and filler trim IS being provided for cabinet opening width.

Hardwire a dishwasher?? Oh, yes, SO handy for servicing the appliance--NOT.

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Thank you for your replies. We will be using an airswitch for the garbage disposal, which is why we will be plugging it in rather than hardwiring to a switch. The electrician only put one outlet under the sink so I hope it will be okay to share it with the dishwasher.

Our granite is 2cm so will have plywood underneath, so I guess the DW can be mounted to that. It sounds like I should make the opening for the dishwasher smaller. My concern is that if the gap is too wide, the DW will make more noise ?? I am not sure why she allowed so much space for it. She is out of town so I am unable to talk to her about it now. They are custom built cabinets so I could have used that extra inch on my cabinet! I have extra filler board so I can make up the difference elsewhere.

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Put a tap-style surge surpressor on the dishwasher. A high-quality surpressor with 1000+ joules of dampening.

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Hmmm...both my dw and garbage disposal are plug in types. I am glad my dw space was larger as when I replaced with a new, the new dishwasher was wider. Just something to think about for a future replacement.

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Does Bosch DW require a special cord kit, or can I just buy a universal DW cord kit at Home Depot? Its funny, the installation directions do not mention anything about using a cord as an option. It only gives directions for hard wiring.

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I have a Bosch 800 series and the specs say to leave an opening 23 9/16 wide. The capenter left 23 5/8 inches (1/8 inch bigger). So far the dishwasher will not go all the way in. The gasket around the DW opening is holding it up.
The carpenter says he can make the DW fit so I am anxiously waiting for the magic to work!

Anyone else have this problem?

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It just takes a little extra effort and care to get the gasket taken care of.

Any sort of appliance cord should work just fine. (if it were me, I would make something up from a spare piece of Romex.)

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I installed mine a little while back. The gasket is stiff, presumably to make a good seal and help reduce noise. Since you're within spec on the size of the opening, you should be fine. A little extra English is probably all you need.

Then again, you could warm up the gasket with a hair dryer to make it more flexible. You could also pre-flex the gasket with your hands before trying to push it into place. Work one side of the DW at a time if you can.

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I just installed my Bosch 3 days ago. I had an opening of 23 5/8". It was a snug fit, but I did manage to get it in. I wanted a tight opening to block any sound from escaping. I hard-wired it, as per the instructions. It says that you can order a "plug kit" from Bosch if you want one. My specs call for a 15 amp breaker. The machine tops out at 12 amps, so if someone was going to put a garbage disposal on the same line, it would have to be bigger than the standard 15 amp breaker. BTW, we have put 4 loads through the dishwasher so far, and are very happy with it. It uses next to nothing for detergent, and is VERY quiet. I know it has only been 3 days, but we are very satisfied with the purchase.

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I replaced a ge dishwasher with a newer style, the dishwasher is smaller than the first, is there such a thing as a rubber gasket or filler to go around the dishwasher to take up the extra space left behing, instead of me cutting a piece of wood and trying to match the color etc.

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Sorry I can't help you, but if you don't get an answer soon, try posting the question on its own.

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Our KA dishwasher came set up to be hardwired, a pigtail was an optional extra. Bought one at Home Depot sized for the D/W and went the outlet route for easier removal. Garbage disposal was plugged into a single 20 amp outlet, not the usual 15 amp duplex, with wire sized correctly. Depending on the draw of each appliance, you might be able to keep them on the same circuit, or even the same outlet box, just make sure you meet code with wiring sizes, etc. Even if they are on the same circuit, it is not likely that you would run them both at the same time.

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sjerin- some manufacturers make a gasket to take up the xtra space between 60 cm and 24". Miele is one.

Most people feel that it is better looking and more quiet to have a thin strip(s) made to match their cabinetry than use the plastic/rubber parts.

P.S. - posting specifics about your situation is a big help. It makes a difference if you opening is 24" or 24 3/8" or you have a GE dishwasher or a Chinese Haier or a good ol Kenmore.

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I'm installing a Bosch ascenta dishwasher and want to do so without the counter mounted air gap. If I put a loop in the discharge hose ,which I have done before, what do I do with the second hose that would connect to the air gap? I don't remember running in to this before.Course at my age memory is .....well ....what was I saying?

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