Opinion of the latest Amazon Kindles Out There

luis_prNovember 14, 2012

Someone at work sad she had gotten one of the latest kindles and was so ticked off with advertising that she returned it. She said she owned an older kindle and was surprised by this change. Is it that bad? Is it also true you can pay some amount to reduce the number of ads but not eliminate them completely?

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You can buy them with or without the special offers. They are ads that serve as screen savers and shouldn't bother anyone while they are using it - the screen saver wouldn't show. The price difference on the one I have (the kindle Touch was $50).

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All she had to to was pay the extra from her kindle account to get the adds removed. It clearly States you get adds on the cheaper one in the description so it's no surprise. Amazon has great kindle forums for help. I love my original fire and my keyboard kindle. Got to play with a new HD fire last night and it was nice. If she had contacted customer service they would have explained all this too her. Mary

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What I don't like about Kindles is that you must get most all your materials (books, games, etc.) through Amazon. A money pit for them! Much the same with Apple. That's why I like Android devices---lots more freedom to choose.

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I have gotten some apps from 1mobile. Learned about it on the amazon forums and it works great. A few others I had friends with android devices buy and I paid them and they emailed it to me and I side loaded them on my fire so not a big issue for me.

You can get dolphin HD browser from 1mobile and the latest flash player so you can watch the videos on ABC, CBS and such. Probably the same for other tablets since adobe does not do flash for tablets now.

There was not a lot I wanted outside amazon so that is probably why I don't mind. I prefer the fire because I like the e-reader part plus I can e-mail and play games so works for me. My friend has the Kindle reader app on her tablet and I don't like it that way for me. I watch the netflix app on mine in bed every night now instead of the laptop and my HBO go app. It's not for every one so you have to research what suits your needs. Mary

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