RO Supplied Ice Maker?

FarmerMcLarryNovember 6, 2013

Is there any problem associated with supplying an ice maker with water from an RO unit? I don't know if they typically require higher pressure than what the RO is capable of providing. This is going to a Liebherr fridge - not sure if that makes a difference. Any ideas? Thanks!

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We have our ice maker hooked up to the RO. It doesn't work too well. I'm guessing the low and inconsistent feed pressure doesn't lend itself well to ice makers. I just installed a booster pump to keep the tank pressure between 45 and 65 psig. The jury is still out on whether or nut that will be helpful.

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My RO system feeds my SZ, along with four other taps, but I use an after membrane peristaltic pump from SpectraPure to restore the RO pressure to ca. 60 psi while improving membrane efficiency. Use of a pressure tank allows the pressure to stay up with during RO use. The SZ produces ice without difficulty.

Some RO systems will produce acidic water, depending on the feedstock, and devices connected to such water sources should be stainless steel or plastic to minimize possible corrosion.


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Thanks kas, my RO is a SpectraPure, I'll look into the pumps you mentioned. Do you happen to know which model you have?

Laranbrian I'll be curious to hear how yours works out.

Thanks again.

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As far as I know, there is only one pump, but more than one way to configure it.

One scheme is documented here: I call this the non-electric configuration.

I use an electric configuration, with solenoid valve and high/low pressure sensors and control box, documented here:

I don't see the parts for this latter configuration listed on any ot the easy-to-get-to web pages, but I know that they still have the parts.


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