Vita Mix Blender

catt11March 23, 2009

I don't know if anyone is interested in the Vita Mix Blender, but I recently had to deal with the company and was really impressed. We bought ours about 5 years ago and recently the variable speed dial on it was not working properly. These blenders are warrented for something like 7 years so we called the company, talked to someone who was really nice and she told us to pack it up and ship it to them and in about 2 weeks time we got our Vita Mix back, good as new. They replaced the variable speed dial and another part. (They also paid for the shipping both ways!) Not only that, but they replaced the 5 year old heavy duty plastic container with a new one even though we never asked for it and there was nothing wrong with it other than "the look" of being used lots!

We really like this Vita Mix and use it a lot-----it purees the whole fruit and vegetable for healthy smoothies and I make lots of pureed cream soups. I hate to even call it a "blender" because it is so much more than that; it is a real workhorse, and you get the health benefit of the whole fruit and vegetable being pureed. Of course, I sure would not suggest buying it if you are not going to get lots of use out of it since it is not cheap! Price now is up to $449.00!! But, for anyone who has that kind of money they can spare and will use it lots to justify the high price, I highly recommend the Vita Mix not only because it is a great machine, but I have seen for myself that the company really stands behind it's product.

It is just nice in today's world to see a company that does quality work and does remain responsive to their customers even when it is a number of years after you have bought their product.

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Funny you should mention the vita mix. I have one I purchased over 5 yrs ago - just dusted it off and have been using it for smoothies again. Love it! Worth the money.

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