Need new stock pot

marie26March 1, 2005

I have an aluminum stock pot that I have used for over 20 years to make soup and stew in. The meat in my stew that sits on the bottom of the pot is now burnt when I make this dish. This has happened the past 6 times or so of cooking it. It's the exact same recipe although the last time, I put in the liquid before the beef and it still made no difference.

I am sure it is the pot that is causing this. What material is best for a very large (tall) stock pot?

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Most stockpots are used for long slow cooking so the rapidity of response is not as critical as in a saucepan.

I'd go with stainless with some sort of sandwich bottom (a lot of them have an aluminum layer for better heat conductivity sandwiched between two layers of stainless).

One that I particularly like (I have it) is a Bourgeat 26 qt stockpot with a spigot on the bottom. I make up big batches of stock and can it with a pressure canner; the spigot saves a lot of time.

I got it at My Chef's Favourites.

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I use my Calphalon 12 qt stockpot all the time and love it, they probably make an even larger size.


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Target has their own brand of stainless with an encapsulated bottom. I believe it runs aroubd $25.00 for a 12 quart. The handles are riveted on and it has a class lid with a "steam vent hole". It got good reviews.

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I just got a new ss stockpot with a metal lid (my personal preference) at either a Marshall's or TJMaxx a couple of weeks ago for $39. The same pot at an outlet mall was more triple that price. I've been replacing most of my cookware due to a new cooktop that resented my slightly warped 38 yr. old pans and have found that if I stop by various of the former stores if I'm passing by, each of them has had a different collection of brands and styles to choose from.

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When I replaced my older pans, I missed my mid-size smaller stockpot that I used for so many things (my DIL is now enjoying it). The newer Sitram pot is 11 qt and don't need that size as frequently. Had been thinking of getting the 6 or 8 qt Cuisinart clad pot, but found an app. 6+qt Inoxpran (am assuming it is Euro)thick disk bottom pot at TJMaxx. What I liked about it was the shape---it is rounded, more like a soup pot and with decorative handles. There was no written material with the pot and not sure if any cladding on the sides although the sides are fairly thick. Price was $40-50 IIRC and took a chance and bought it. Have really enjoyed using it, it simmers wonderfully and have been pleased with everything I have cooked in it. Probably could still use another mid-range stock pot just for boiling pasta etc., but am glad I purchased the new pot.

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