Cleaning Calphlon

cciaffoneMarch 23, 2006

I just "rescued" a nice original Calphalon saute

pan from a junk sale on the off chance I could

clean it.

The pan has heavy baked grease (or some such) inside

and out. I have tried powdered cleanser and a scrubby

with some effect .. but not much. It's now soaking

in diluted amonia which is also helping .. a little.

What I need are suggestions for more aggressive cleaning.

Can I stick it in the oven in the self-cleaning mode?

Can I use solvents.



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Try this thread. You can also call Calphalon's Customer Service dept.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleaning Calphalon

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I would NOT put it in the oven on self clean. 700 deg. F (that seems to be the standard for self cleaning ovens) is getting to the point where the aluminum might start to sag and distort.

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I would fill it with water, heat it up till the water steams, turn the heat off, squirt some dish detergent in and let it sit for a while, then scrub and rinse. You might need to repeat, but it always works for me.

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Thanks for the responses.

Supposin' that you tried all those to no avail.
Supposin' that you had nothing to lose and a fifty
cents investment in the saute pan.
Supposin' that if it does not come clean, it gets
recycled, donated, or made into an anchor...

Then ... what would you try??


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Are you sure it's baked grease and not some science experiment gone wrong? Why not take a blow torch to it and see if it will chip off. If not, whatever it is might have fused to the finish of the pan, and it should go into the landfill.

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I once used wd 40 on an old electric fry pan that I "rescued"(after I tried everything else in my arsenal). it was amazing, but it was the outside of the pan and I was able to brillo it afterwards.Did you try the amonia on papertowels in a black plastic bag set in the sun, this has worked on oven grills from an old stove.Yard sale finds are some of my favorite things!Good luck!

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