grill pan for an electric glass top stove

mbobdenMarch 30, 2008

Has anyone tried the Calphalon styleware grill pan from target with a glass top electric stove? I have been looking for a good rated pan but all of them have the ridged bottoms that are not recommended for glass tops. I would love a grill pan with with a grill press as well but so far have only found the very heavy cast iron ones with flat bottoms. Thanks.

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LeCruset has a nice grill pan that has a flat bottom that would work nice on a smoothtop range. Probably Staub has one too.

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This past year I found a cast iron grill pan (non-enameled) at TJMaxx for a great price. Decided to buy it (as my enameled non-stick cast iron pan started to shed the coating after just a year or two).

I have used my other non-enameled cast iron on my glass top, and this new grill pan works great also. It has a flat bottom (but no grill press) and I have had no trouble with it.

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I have the Staub grill pan which I use on my induction cooktop. The shape of it (a rectangle) means only the center portion gets really hot though they also sell a smaller square shaped one. The LC one is square.

It works fine to add nice grill marks but so far, things stick to it pretty bad. I am going to try seasoning the surface by coating with oil then baking the pan for 30min and see if that helps.

Mostly I just use it as a small broiler pan which it works well for as in that application, it is pretty easy to clean up.

If I can use this one without the very tough clean up, I would use it a lot as I like the grill marks.

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