Repairing old KA Mixer

marys1000March 30, 2008

My mother has an old KA mixer that needs repair (at least 20 years old, avocado green color). Anyone done this?

I probably live 45 minutes/1 hour from Greenville OH where they make them.

I may check to see if I can just...drop it off?



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It sounds like your mixer is old enough to have been built by Hobart. If it is a Hobart, you may be able to find a Hobart repair place to work on it. I would think if Hobart fixed it, you would be sure to get metal parts put back in it and not plastic ones. Make sure it's been oiled too because that may take care of any problems.

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You could try the KitchenAid messageboard too. They are very helpful.

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I finally got up there and found out that it still works, but the whisk attachment has lost some tines. So I'm going to try to find out if the new attachments fit the old machines? She has a KA45ss, 250 watt, it was made by Hobart. Sort of a light version of avocado green.

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I have a fairly new Kitchenaid mixer. It is white. Just this past week I bought a yellow Kitchenaid mixer at a rummage sale for $25.00. It seems to work fine! Was that a good price?


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Well I looked at the Kitchenaid mixer that I bought for $25. It is model K45SS and it was made by Hobart. I am really happy with it.

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Man - lucky you Marilyn! I never see anything good at rummage sales, unless its something really good and priced really high for that reason. Yes I say that was a really good price. Do you want to double your money?

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No, I don't think I want to part with my Kitchenaid, I used it over the weekend to make the Hot Milk Cake and it did a really great job. I have a little 3 room home out back and since my oven in our house doesn't work, I do most of my baking out there. So that Kitchenaid mixer is out there and the other one is in my house. I like baking out back but don't always like carrying the ingredients out there or whatever I need. Recently I baked 12 dozen big yeast rolls for a funeral dinner, out there. It worked out really well, had a banquet table set up in the livingroom part for the pans of rolls to raise. I like to bake and cook and would to it all the time if I felt up to it.


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