CIA vs. All Clad

mccallMarch 13, 2007

Can anyone tell me if you have used either or both of these and what the differences are?

seems the All Clad are three ply, in various configurations, again which do you have? Copper core, Copper outside, other?

The CIA says it is seven Ply, but does not really say what they are. I need something that stands up to the heat of my 22K burners without warping etc.

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Here's the number for the CIA cookware manufacturer:


My understanding is that the 7 ply consists in 1 copper, 2 aluminum, and two stainless layers (one of which is induction capable). I do not know if this is true on all pieces, however. All-Clad does not recommend high BTU use. They design their metal combination for low and medium temperature cooking. The one small CIA pan I have used had a more comfortable handle than did the A-C, but I have no idea if the handles remain comfortable on larger, heavier pieces. HTH.

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Hm odd that if they make them for the Culinary institute they would not be rated for high heat.
Guess I will have to call them.

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Do you mean that All-Clad manufactures the CIA cookware? My understanding is that the CIA Masters cookware is manufactured by Robinson, or something, a company in the Northeast somewhere.

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take a look at this link ... Robinson develops and markets products in Buffalo NY ... there's some connection to All-Clad since Amazon references CIA when you search for All-Clad
Who really makes the pots? Nobody says -- but it's probably Meyer or someone with a factory in SE Asia.
Top temp looks like 500° ... broiler and induction cooking okay.

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All Clad has nothing to do with CIA cookware. They're made for Robinson USA.

As far as the high heat goes, the recommendation against high heat is not because the pans can't handle it, it's because good cookware doesn't need high heat because of how well copper and aluminum conduct heat. A lousy saute pan would have required much more heat, a good one less heat for the same effect.

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Some people on this website have had warping problems with All-Clad.

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this thread started because mccall asked about pans for her high BTU stove. I'm wondering just how hot does a 22K burner get? In farenheits?

Also, in a previous posting I confused All Clad's MC-2 line with the CIA Masters Collection... there are significant differences in both price and construction.

What I can't find out is who makes the CIA Masters... Robinson identifies themself as "developers and marketers" ... not as manufacturers and does not list the CIA line on their web site. MetroKitchen identifies itself as the exclusive internet retailer of CIA Masters. CIA doesn't even mention the line in their on-line store.
I have noticed that many lines are made in China and Thailand... All-Clad says its liine are made in PA.

Sometimes my curiousity gets the better of me...

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chefsresource also lists CIA among its internet lines

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A few sites carry CIA items, not just Metro Kitchen. And the CIA does have a website that mentions the cookware and related lines. re: the other questions..
All Clad core pieces (not stainless accessories for instance) are made in PA.
Viking is made in Belgium
CIA cookware is made in China.

I've used the CIA cookware and was happy with its performance.

I haven't ever heard of a problem with All Clad warping under heat. The cookware has been used regularly in demanding situations, like restaurants, for years.

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aha, found found the CIA on CIA site ... (funny I expected it to be under cookware) a bit pricey, but it is 7-ply, right?
guess I'll stick with my Calphalon Contemporary... it's three ply and cooks real good for me.

Thanks for satisfing my curiousity.

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You might be able to help these folks.

Here is a link that might be useful: All-Clad thread

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I have a CIA set and the box it came in said made in China. We bought the set because we have an induction cooktop. The pans work very well except when it comes to pouring liquids out of any of them, sloppy. My old Cuisinart pans all have a lip that makes pouring easy with no mess. Do the All Clad pans pour well ? I'll need more pans and want some that will pour. I've thought about Viking, but they seem so heavy. A big strong manly chef I am not.

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You may want to take a look at Marcus Cookware. Tri-Ply. Reasonably priced. nd it's made in the USA. Also on Metro Kitchen's site.

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