Are copper lids really useful with those copper pots?

homey_birdMarch 16, 2009


I am getting ready to buy a copper saute pan from either Mauviel/Falk/Bourgeat -- and since lids can cost quite a bit, am seriously wondering if it is all that important to buy a copper lid for a copper pot for any other reason than looks or completing the set!

I would be perfectly ok using one of my SS lids on my cookware. In fact, I do that all the time, because SS lids can be tossed into the dishwasher saving me some washing effort. I love this idea; however just curious if there are any situations where it would be helpful to use a copper lid (any special recipe or use of the pot for specific purpose).

Thanks in advance!

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Interesting question. If the lid will form a tight fit, I suppose it doesn't matter whether it's copper or not. You rely on the pan for conductivity much more than the lid. Also, I have copper from years and years ago that I purchased with flat lids that merely get placed over the pans and do not fit within the rims. I suppose a less responsive metal could result in a bit more cooling of the pan, but I'm not sure you would notice. How much precision do you need for what you plan to saute?

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Hi Kitchendetective,

Thanks for the reply. I do not need a precision for my current cooking at all. I have been fine using all those SS lids so far.

My question, because I am still evolving as a cook and like to try international cuisine and exotic recipes. I am just trying to find out if I might run into a recipe that absolutely requires even heat from everywhere -- (e.g. grilled pizza though I would suspect a cast iron skillet is better suited for it) -- and do not want to end up thinking "if only".

I have not placed an order yet but will do so soon ... in couple of days.

Thanks in advance.

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