Attachments to Kitchen Aid Mixer

joann23456March 7, 2005

I posted awhile ago about possibly buying a food processor, largely to grate potatoes for potato pancakes. I *hate* grating them with a hand grater, and usually don't bother. Of course, I'm sure I'd use it for lots of other things.

Last night, I got to wondering whether there might be an attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer that shreds and grates. Turns out there is. I'm wondering whether anyone has ever used it.

Thanks for any feedback!

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joann, Absolutely! In fact we do not own a food processor largely because we can get by with just the mixer attachments and a blender. Of course neither of us is knife averse,lol. In addition to the potatoes the mixer also does as well or bettter than a processor for grating cheese and shredding cabbage for slaw among other things. One little secret if you decide on hash browns with those shredded taters, soak them in cold water for a few minutes before cooking to remove some of the starch and they will not become bad potato pancakes,heehee...Jackie

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We have the 'food processor' attachment for our KitchenAid mixer. The grating attachement works well, and may be all you need if grating is your main purpose. If you want to chop large quantities of things, the KitchenAid attachment won't help you.


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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it sounds weird, but I never even considered buying a food processor until I realized it could shred potatoes.:) I'm going to buy the shredder attachment and see how it works.

What other attachments do you all find useful?

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joann, We bought the three pack of attachments with the grinder and jelly strainer. We've used all three but the grater/shredder/slicer gets the most use by far and is the only one we would replace if something happened to it...Jackie

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Does anyone know if any of the attachments will allow for grinding coffee beans? I acquired the k45ss just recently and am most excited about it. It came with the meat grinding attachment - but only one plate. In researching all the attachments, none refer to coffee beans.

Also, as a follow up to the shredding of potatoes and other sundry items, the shredder does indeed work wonderfully. I'm interested in learning whether the can opener is more of a pain in the neck than useful or not.

I've been waiting many long years to get my kitchen aide stand mixer, and am thrilled to pieces with it. Many thanks to my mother-in-law. :-)


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DH gave me the Kitchenaid for Christmas & I bought the grater, shredder, slicers; have had Cuisinart processor for years, but I like the KA attachments better for grating & slicing. I can use however large of a container I need (unlike processor) & my mixer is always out on the counter but processor has to be dragged out of cabinet to use.
I, too, am considering the can opener because DH can't ever get cans "connected" with our Black & Decker under cabinet opener.
I'd like to know, too, how well they operate on the KA.

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You don't want to use the KA grinder for coffee beans because you would have to clean it every morning before you grind anything else. Buy yourself a $20 Krups coffee grinder. Does a great job.

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I'm to glad to read about all the attachements for Kitchen Aid. I've been wanting one for a very long time. Maybe someday I will get one doubt it though. At least I am finding out info on the attachments.

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Does that attachment work for 20 year-old K5SS models?

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Anyone have the pasta attachments? Do you like them??? TIA!

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I recently acquired my first ever KA Artisan mixer (Merry Christmas to ME) and want to add an attachment for shredding/slicing. From searching the internet, I understand there are two such attachments, the current RSVA and the discontinued DSVA. I am looking for pros and cons of each style.
Which do you have and why you like it or not?

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I don't have the DVSA, but there are many happy users on the KA forum. The big thing for these users is the vertical slicing/shredding, and the DVSA uses the same disks as a KA food processor.

I have the vintage cast aluminum pelican head slicer/shredder. It too is a vertical slicer/shredder. The pros to it are: it is almost indescructible compared with the plastic DVSA. It has a large and a small chute opening, compared to the small opening on the DVSA. And the slicing disk is adjustable from thick to thin compared to the need for multiple slicing disks for the DVSA.

The cons to the pelican slicer is that there are not a lot of disks available, and it is more expensive than the DVSA.

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Thanks for the info. I learned about the DVSA from the KA forum and you are right, there are a lot of happy users there. From the pic of the DVSA, the opening did look small and I wondered about how much cutting I would have to do to get food to fit.
Is the pelican slicer still available? I have not seen one in my searching. Will do a Google search and see what comes up.
I can't make up my mine about it. I may just get a food processor for multiple usage, or forget the whole thing and continue with hand grating and slicing. Been doing it for years and hasn't hurt me yet. LOL

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What is the difference between DVSA and RVSA? And what does it stand for? Are they better then a Cuisinart processor, which I also have had for over 20 years and hardly use? I hate digging way into the back of the cabinet and hauling it out.

We had the Pasta attachments but they didn't work that well for us so sold it at garage sale.

We have had the KA since 1978. Had to have the motor rebuilt once because we wore it out making WW bread dough. I now have a bread machine, so keep my KA just for mixing.

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