4qt. saute pan or 4qt. 'chef's pan'?

mahatmacat1February 22, 2006

I've just seen this "chef's pan" that looks like a tiny wok (small flat area, very sloped sides--all clad stainless, also saw one in calphalon contemporary SS at Tuesday Morning) and I'm wondering which would be better for making my messes of chicken/vegs and sauce and rice and such...they're both 4qt--I'd been assuming I'd get the 4qt saute pan but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on something. The bigger flat surface of the saute pan looks like what I would use it for, whereas the chef's pan would be to cook smaller amounts of meat than we usually do, then move them up while I do the vegs a la wok cooking. Seems to me that I might as well use the wok for that when I want it, and the flat saute pan for when I want to have things sit and simmer for a while together.

Is that what the "chef's pan" type pans are used for?

TIA :)

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Never mind...I got both :)

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