Three Note Tea Kettle Whistle

silver_coinFebruary 28, 2007

There I was, listening to NPR tonight.... and on came a segment where listeners send in a unique sound in their life.

A woman sent in the sound of her tea kettle which is a three note chord. It is an enchanting and beautiful sound. She has no idea where it came from (it was a wedding gift). I would LOVE to get one of these for my wife.

My googling was to no affect. Does anyone have any clue where this tea kettle may have come from, or where I could obtain one??

In case you are interested, here is a link to the sound her tea kettle makes:

Thanks you so much for any suggestions you could provide.



Here is a link that might be useful: NPR link to listen to tea kettle whistle

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What a lovely sound. Here's a link to a tea kettle at that purports to have whistle that sounds like an harmonica.

Scroll down to the Blue Willow tea kettle

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This is a famous two note design, if this is still of interest to you ...

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