Am I doomed?

chitownfifiFebruary 7, 2005

I just started using a couple of new pots. Anyway, I have been extremely careful to follow all the instructions (e.g., preheat the pan, put in the oil, high heat). And, I still have found the rainbow-y colored stuff results on the inside bottom of the pan. Does this ever come off? Am I doomed? In the long run, it doesn't matter all that much to me since the functionality is obviously still there - but what if i want them on display?? Does anything get rid of this?

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Cooking pots on display? Cooking pots that look like they have never been used? Why? I am proud of my well used pots and pans.
Linda C

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I assume you're talking about rainbow-colored discoloration in stainless steel. A little Barkeeper's Friend will take care of that discoloration just fine. Stainless can discolor either from prolonged exposure to heat (even low heat, like a low, long simmer) or from minerals in your water. BKF will take out those stains with no scrubbing.

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And what's the point of good pots if you can't turn the heat up high? I have NEVER understood that particular instruction from some of these manufacturers. Even if All-Clad or Calphalon in an excess of caution advise you to keep the heat at medium, I assure you that you can crank it up without doing any harm to their products.

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Thanks for the ideas - I boiled some water/BKF in the pot and then let it simmer for a little while. The colored stains came out, but I can still see where the heat issues were.

And by the way LindaC, who cares why I want mine on display in addition to using them? To each their own...why pass judgment? That's not why I come to this forum. I only come here to learn good tips from knowledgeable people.

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I use plain white vinegar on my set of SS Al Clad and it works great for most things - since we have hard water and get a lot of spotting. With bad stains, I use BKF.


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chitownfifi I understand why you want to keep your pans looking pristine. BKF and white vinegar will become useful to have on hand. I may be way off but I think the high heat issue has to do with the newer cookware it isn't necessary. I know I can sear on med hi in my ALL Clad SS saute just fine. I usually use hi heat for a big pot of water for pasta or stir fry only. I have seen the rainbow look you are talking about and a little scrub with BKF takes care of it. You are not doomed. Enjoy your cookware.

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Hi folks, can you please let me know what BKF is?
On some of our newly All Clad we have hard water spots and on some the rainbow effect... What is the process to clean this up?

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Nothing wrong with wanting to keep your pans nice looking. My mom has Wearever pots that are at least 50 years old and still look great!

BKF = Bar Keeper's Friend.

Here is a link that might be useful: BKF

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