discount all clad?

lisarickFebruary 1, 2010

I am interested in buying some All Clad. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding where to buy at a discount rather than some place like WIlliams Sonoma? Also is there any point in buying the special pasta pot rather than any of the other large pots? Thanks!

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I got most of mine at TJMaxx - they are marked with a S for seconds but I can't see any major problems. I've seen a few at Marshall's.

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Chef Central in Paramus NJ (and Hartsdale, NY?) offers 20% off coupons which can be used for A-C (or at least they could be as of last spring). Also, Bloomingdale's often has sales in their housewares depts, and I've seen some decent sales on A-C in the circulars.


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I highly recommend I, as well as my friends have all purchased from this site and the only thing I have seen so far is a small blemish in the handle. They are seconds form the factory and the saviings are enormous!;key1=&psku=

Here is a link that might be useful: cookwarenmore

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If you are talking about the new 12 qt multi-pot, that one is only available at Williams Sonoma - at least for now. DH got me one for Christmas, but they were backordered and I just got it recently. I've used it twice and really like the mesh insert. It drains so easily and the mesh seems to prevent big bubbles building up the way they did with another pot that just had some holes in a stainless insert. Last time I looked at WS, they still had it on sale, and for a large pot plus 2 inserts, it's not a bad price.

I've also bought AC at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. The selection is limited, but if you are patient, you can find some good buys.

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Actually the multi cooker is made in China to all clad specs. It's much cheaper than a compareable all clad large stock pot and I think it works just as well. We have used it for lobsters once already. I think they are $125 or $150 now.

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