Revereware copper bottoms and BlueStar

cookncarpenterFebruary 6, 2013

I'm revamping our 1986 kitchen, and still have and use our Revere copper clad bottom pots and pans from before then. Gettting a BlueStar range, and wondering if my old pans be up to the task? They are in great shape, and I'd love to keep using them if I could, but I saw an ad for a 10 piece set of "Demeyere Industry 5" at Sur La table. Are these worth the price? (a grand for a ten piece set) Would these be better suited? Maybe I should wait and cook on the Revere and see how well they perform, but not having cooked with anything else, how would I compare?? I should add I'm currently cooking on an old Thermador open burner, with one 12k BTU burner, and three 9k's. Quite a jump to the BlueStar with two 22k's a 15k, and a 9k

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My old Revereware was pretty thin on the bottom when I got my new rangetop. The new pans I got have a much better bottom construction, from Costco, a set for about $200, and I didn't even need/use several items in the set.

I sure would not pay $1000 for any set of anything. Get it piece by piece, and get only what you need and will actually use. Sets are almost always overrated.

Yes, try the old stuff first. And check the Cooking Forum, too. Almost everyone has mixed sets and that includes Lodge cast iron, enameled cast-iron like LeCrueset, maybe a non-stick fry pan or two for eggs, and a mix of other items.

Enjoy your new toy!

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Sister has "VINTAGE" set of copper-bpttpm Revere-ware from house we grew up in... from late 40's-early 50's. Two sauce pans (with lids), a decent sized skillet and SMALL "stock pot"... also with lids.

She has it at her rental place in WV mountains... but not out for renters. Since most renters are more the "non-stick" type cook... she doesn't want pieces totally destroyed.

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I do turn the full fury of my Bluestar loose on my Revereware all the time. However, I only have Revereware pots, which are obviously filled with liquids. A frying pan would be a stiffer test, but I don't have one.

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My poor mother still uses Revereware on her Wolf cooktop. She can burn water with that garbage.

Buy some decent cookware that does your range justice. Industry 5 is not great, but it's better than what you have, and it's simpler to say 'yeah buy that' than to explain the value of a mixed set (debuyer+falk/demeyere atlantis+staub+lodge) of quality cookware.

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Ditto what berkeleydan sez. I have a Capital Culinarian, and it is very responsive. You'll find that the responsiveness of your pans makes a difference in your cooking.

If you haven't stumbled across the posting at the link, do take 20 minutes or so to read it. You'll be far better informed than the average cooking store salesperson.

Some of your decisions will be guided by what type of cooking you do. If you make a lot of thermally sensitive sauces, then it might be worthwhile to invest in some brutally expensive but wonderful Falk Culinair copper/stainless or All Clad Copper Core; if you never do that, it would most likely be a waste of money.

I don't really recommend a 'set'--while it's nice, invariably there are some items you won't use. Buy what you want to fill a specific need. Skillets, for example: I have some Sams Club nonstick ones, some well seasoned cast iron ones, and a Paderno carbon steel one; none are expensive.

The copper on the bottom of Revere ware isn't really enough to affect the thermal transfer very much. For warming stuff up, they're okay, but you can do so much more with a good range that they might be holding you back. You don't have to spend a lot to get good pans, but you have to know what it is you plan to accomplish in your cooking. For instance, for low/slow braises Le Creuset enameled cast iron (ECI) is wonderful. I have some, but I also have some Lodge ECI and I don't see a huge difference in performance between the two; certainly not enough to justify the difference in cost.

If you do want a set, FWIW Consumer Reports raved about the Costco Kirkland stainless pots. I've never cooked with them, but I have seen them up close--they are nice and hefty and seem well made. Certainly a step up from Revere ware. (But I don't seem to see them on the Costco website at present...maybe they're no longer available)

Here is a link that might be useful: understanding stovetop cookware

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There is a big difference in Revereware. The oldest type had a lot more copper than what it has now. They cut the amount in half in the sixties and reduced it to just a flashing now. The old stuff generally will have rivits in the handle and is much heavier. I can't find anywhere how thick the copper is but it does heat evenly. I have a few pieces I like- some saucepans and a couple of "stockpots" with bail handles a handle on the bottom.
I would agree with collecting different pieces over time. Here is another article on cookware and its properties. I have some cast iron, aluminum, multi-ply, heavy copper and steel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Common materials of cookware

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