Bertazzoni gas range comprehensive review

jgoppNovember 6, 2012

So I've seen this question presented a few times, and the answers seemed to only kind of gloss over everything without giving a comprehensive review of the unit itself. I wrote this in the other forum, but I figured it would be more relevant and better archived in here.

I have had my 36 inch 5 burner Bertazzoni gas range for almost two years now. I can safely tell you it's an awesome cooking machine, but as with any range it has ups and downs which I will try and relay to you.

First, the burners are awesome. They light easily and burn with a really smooth clean flame. I love the layout of the burners as well. I find myself using the front left burner generally the most. I do use the center burner occasionally for big pots and such, it has great power, but in reality the tiny 1 inch center inner ring burner doesn't really make sense to me the company should have just made it one burner complete burner instead. The control of the burners is pretty great, and the low settings can go very low on the smallest burner (think melting chocolate or something without burning). The other feature I really like about the burners is that they can be manually lit, which as of this past week was a godsend since I didn't have power. The burners are the best feature on this range by far. They are easy to operate, and super easy to clean.

Secondly, the oven. Now, this oven is great for flatter dishes like casseroles and stuff. It can handle things like a turkey and what not, but this oven is obviously wider and flatter than some other ranges. This is due to a design where there is a fold down cabinet below the oven. Part of me wishes they had just done away with that storage space and made the oven taller. This I feel like is the ranges biggest limitation, fortunately for me I have a wall oven as a supplement. The oven is very even, but it does heat up fairly slowly, and there is no thermometer inside the unit so you'll have to put your own in. One quirky thing about the oven is that it has a "fan failure" light, which seems pretty weird, and mildly worrisome that a manufacturer decided to put a failure light on it. The oven also CANNOT be lit manually, I tried and tried, you can get gas to come out into the oven, but I believe the temperature gauge is electronically controlled. Just an FYI the owners manual says you should NOT attempt to do that, it was a desperation attempt since my power was out for days due to hurricane Sandy.

The build quality is very good, I really enjoy the fact that the burners can be removed and there is a single pressed stainless top to it, making it extremely easy to clean. The oven however is not self cleaning, and requires some elbow grease (or have your maid clean it if you've got one ha ha ha). Another oddity of this range (which my friends have now learned to deal with) is that the burner knobs need to be turned "downward" to turn them down. It's not a big deal once you realize how it works, but it's funny to see someone who has never used this range before try and turn the burners down. If you're not understanding my point, the burners don't go left to right, the highest setting is 90 degrees to the left and straight down toward the ground is the lowest setting.

Now, the reason I purchased this range over the other options were as follows. I am not by any means a professional chef, I cook for myself and entertain a lot, but I didn't need 22,000btu burners and stuff. I wanted something that just worked, and looked nice doing it. I also thought the price point seemed much more reasonable when compared to the 'high end' brand names. I also picked this because my friend owns a Viking range and it has been absolutely nothing but trouble. I went out on a limb buying this range, and the bert wall oven even further since I couldn't even buy that through my local Bertazzoni rep, I ended up getting it online. I wanted something unique and I think I got that. It's also a plus that the oven was built in Italy.

However, there are some serious drawbacks with this range. Minus the oven stuff, there is one thing I am very concerned about, which is that there is no way to lock the burners, especially the oven burner/ignite switch. People tend to lean in this area of my kitchen and it's happened so many times that someone will bump their butt into the gas on oven on switch. This causes the range to start ticking and it freaks people out, it also starts the oven releasing gas. The burners also cannot be locked *they need to be pushed in but only a cm or so to allow them to be turned thus releasing gas*, and they are very easy to move and operate (a plus for the chef) but a major downside when my 2 year old niece is around and pushing buttons on everything in my kitchen. I wish to death that the range had a lock feature for these. My old Jenn-air needed to be pushed in and down to unlock the burners, a design which I felt was much safer. Another upside/downside depending on how you look at it, is that the racks inside the oven are exceptionally heavy, these are by far way too overdesigned. They probably weigh 8 pounds each, which means they won't bend ever no matter what you put in there, but moving them in and out of a hot oven is going to require two people with mittens. The oven when operating also blows warm air into the kitchen, which in the winter is amazing for me, but in the summer it's kind of a drag if you're cooking something for 3 hours, it'll heat up the kitchen space by a few degrees.

I also see now that Bertazzoni is offering a stainless griddle that can be rested on top of the center burner, or burners depending on the model. I wish the company had included that with the unit, as it does seem nice to have. And I'm a little iffy about spending the $375 dollars to have such a small griddle, even though it is matched to my range.

Overall, if I had to buy purchase a range again, I would choose bertazzoni over the other brands. The price simply cannot be beat for the features you get, I think I got mine for $3,100 and the next comparable pro-style range was $6,000+. People automatically assume it cost much more than it actually did ha ha. However, if I were to do a remodel again, I would have gotten a larger range but unfortunately bert doesn't make a 42 inch, the next biggest size up from 36 is 48inch, so I settled a little. But it performs just as well as my friends Wolf and Viking on the burner front, which is what I use it for the most anyway. It looks beautiful in my kitchen, and it's a good conversation piece since not many people have seen this brand before.

I have the feeling that in the next few years this range will go up in price. I think Bertazzoni is a "budget pro-style range company" but I believe with the continued popularity and the presence in high end installations, their price will gradually increase. I saw that the 48inch model is currently (2012) priced at $8000. I would not be surprised if next year the 48 inch model is $1000-1500 more, and the 36 $500 extra or more. Hopefully I am wrong, because this is a great (nearly amazing if only the oven was taller) range for this price point.

I hope this review helps anyone who is considering purchasing this range.

Here is a photo of my beautiful range in my kitchen!

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Thanks for the detailed review. I am also looking at the 36 Berta and I have a few questions:
-How did you find cleaning the burners and the range top?
-Any problems with the simmer burner, can it hold a low temp?
-Any issues with the oven and the fact it only goes down to I believe 275
-Is the build quality up to par?
Thanks for sharing.

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It appears the Berta gas ovens on their ranges now shipped to the US no longer have manual ignition capability. The units sold in UK seem to be all dual fuel only.

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poolmy: it is exceptionally easy to clean. You just pull the grates off, then the burners and go for it. I have not had any problems with the simmer function, it works as advertised, and I have made things like hollandaise sauce on it.

The oven does only start at 275, but for me it's not a problem since I have a electric wall oven. There may be a bertazzoni model which comes with gas top and electric oven.

The built quality is great. I have no complaints about the thing, the grates are awesome and heavy, the stainless pressed top has no dents or dings, and the oven door is pretty heavy.

Hope this helps.

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Having dodged two potential electrical power failures in the last two weeks (Hurricane Sandy and Nor'easter Athena) I am absolutely uninterested in gas ranges that cannot be ignited manually. This is simply a showstopper.

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jgopp: nice review.


Not sure I get your point.

Are you asking if the Bertazzoni's can be lit manually?

Ifso, then, yes, the stovetop burners can be lit manually AFAIK, with the current model Bertas, like most stoves with any kind of thermostat, you cannot manually light the ovens. From other postings here, I gather that there is Berta model somewhere whose oven that can be lit manually but it works like a gas bbq grill).

OTOH, if you are saying that you want a gas stove that can run totally off the electrical grid, then you want to look at stoves other than Berta or just about anything else discussed here. There is the bottom of the line Hotpoint (it uses a 9v battery), a company called Unique Gass Stoves for Off The Grid Living (also uses 9v batteries and can be found in Backwoods Home Magazine and at Lehmans website), and Peerless Premier (some reviews here but mostly bad, and Costco stopped carrying them after a lot of returns). Or look for an old pilot-operated a gas stove from fifty years ago and put up with the old style ovens. Or look for an AGA cooker. Or, look into tiling your kitchen, installing MUA anda fire-supression system, and check out a commerical stove.

If you are in any of those markets, you are absolutely uninterested in the Bertas discussed here.

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Great reveiw. We purchased the 30" gas Bertazzoni approx 4 months ago and have really enjoyed it. I love the look, how flush it sits with my cabinets and how well it compliments our Liebherr fridge and F&P drawer dw. The simmer works well on ours and it's reasonably easy to clean. Love the burner with the inside/outside flames for when I need to boil a pot of water quickly. Almost didn't get because it only goes down to 275, but I've been able to make meringues and granola without too much trouble. I also use it to keep plates warm just by heating to 275 then turning off. Build quality seems solid and as hoped. Drawbacks for us are the heat that it kicks out in the Summer. We cook a lot and it's probably 10 degrees warmer in the kitchen at all times when using the Berta. The burners also seem to cook much higher than our previous range so still getting used to it, but not a problem with the unit itself. Would agree on the lack of locking option, but I do like that the front of the oven does not get hot to the touch. Finally, the fan noise when you turn on the oven is a bit louder than I would like. Doesn't bother my family but I definitely find it more challenging to hear what's happening in the other room. However, I would pick it again and if they would have had the option for yellow in the 30", I would have gone with that!

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jgopp: Fantastic and very comprehensive info. Thank you! And your kitchen is beautiful. When is your next party? :-)

lqofhb: We are just about to purchase the 30" gas Bertazzoni range and convert it to propane (natural gas isn't available). Based on the earlier posts, I am unclear as to whether or not all of the Bertazzoni ranges can be manually lit without needing electricity in the event of a power outage. Have you checked this out? Thanks so much.

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I love my 30" range. However, take your favorite large pan and see if it fits because the oven is configured smaller than most American ranges. The burners, the knobs, the cleaning, roasting chicken are great. EXCEPT the oven gets too hot and I can't regulate it. I have found it is just not doing my cookies and cakes as I would like it to perform. I called customer service and she told me to bake some crescent rolls and that was their test. The crescent rolls were fine so I'm now at a loss. The simmer burner is a little too high but I am okay with that.

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GE Cafe CGS985SETSS 30 Freestanding Gas Range 5 Sealed Burners is also a better machine. I used it 1 year ago

Check out the review

Here is a link that might be useful: Gas Range Reviews: GE Cafe CGS985SETSS 30 Freestanding 5 Sealed Burners

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Hi Jgopp,

I just recently bought my Bertazzoni cooker, but it's a dual fuel one and not all gas one as yours.

It's been 2 months and I must say it's a pleasure to cook with but as this is my first range cooker i'm a little biased! I really have nothing else to compare with.

The model I bought was a 90cm Stainless steel one and it's the AD905MFEXE. The guys I bought it from were the cheapest online so I'm happy I got a good deal.

If I had the money though I would buy a Britannia as they look a bit better and seem to have better features.

Here is a link that might be useful: I bought this AD905MFEXE bertazzoni cooker

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KevRidge, do you cook w/ the oven much? Since yours is a dual fuel, which makes your oven electric, do you find the heat coming out like the reviews above have mentioned w/ their gas ovens? I'm not sure I can take an extra 10 degrees warmer in my kitchen in the summer! I looked at this one a couple of months ago, but decided against it because of the heat coming from the oven. But, if the dual fuel doesn't do that, I mite add it back to my list.

Thank you for your information.

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Hi There, I am about to buy a new 30" all gas bertazzoni. I read from quite a few sources that the one downside is that the backguard for the gas range can get very, very hot - almost a hazard. Is this true? does anyone have fire/ heat detectors at home and if it ever got hot enough to be a problem setting off detectors? Thanks!

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Hi There, I am about to buy a new 30" all gas bertazzoni. I read from quite a few sources that the one downside is that the backguard for the gas range can get very, very hot - almost a hazard. Is this true? does anyone have fire/ heat detectors at home and if it ever got hot enough to be a problem setting off detectors? Thanks!

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garychen17 - we have hard wired smoke detectors and a heat sensor that connects through our alarm system. The heat has never set either of these off. They're located jsut outside our kitchen, which isn't far since we have a pretty small house. The metal back guard on our 30" gas range does get extremely hot. I think it would be a problem if you accidentally had a piece of plastic or dish towel up against it for a long period. The other day I touched it after having the oven and range on for quite awhile and it was hot enough that it would have caused burns on my fingers if I kept them on it. However, I frequently have plastic fairly close (not touching) and have not had a problem with it and I use the Bertazzoni A LOT. One of the positives is that the oven door remains cool to the touch even after hours of using the oven and that was important to me with young children in the house.

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We are considering a 30" Berta dual fuel range or a Berta 30" gas cooktop with a wall oven - Berta or other - underneath.

Does the dual fuel also heat up the kitchen? (I think that was asked above but I didn't see a response.)

The cooktop is relatively new - does anyone have experience with it? If so, do you know how it compares to the Miele? Thank you!

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Another follow-up to anyone with a Bert - I've read a few reviews that heat from the oven is vented in the front. The complaint is that if you are cooking on the stovetop and in the oven at the same time, it gets really hot and uncomfortable for the cook. Is this true?

Also, does the Pro style go down to lower temperature than the Master (all gas)?


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My daughter just tried to use my Bertazzoni stove for the first time. I bought a beautiful new set of pots and pans for my new kitchen. When i put the small frying pan on the burner to make eggs, the pan tipped over. The only way to make it stable was to align it exactly so the handle is over the grate line, or to use the simmer piece. Anyone else have this problem? I hate to think I have to use simmer to cook, and I love my new pans, but do some people have no problems? Do i have to buy a new set of cookware, or is there another solution? SO frustrated and upset - this was an issue that never occurred to me. Thanks

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We have the all clad stainless steel pots/pans & use them successfully without the simmer insert so haven't had your experience. Only tipping we've had is if I'm using the smallest pot/pan and it isn't centered on the burner, but I can usually just adjust a touch and its fine.

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What is the diameter of the bottom of your small frying pan? Does it have a steel or cast iron handle?

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It was an 8" pan - rubber/silicone handle. Always thought I'd never want something NOT nonstick - but I've been hearing a lot about stainless. Is it really hard to clean? Do eggs, etc., slide out easily? Thanks to all

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Another two-year Berta owner (all gas, 36 inch, five burner, race-car red body) chiming in to say that I LOVE this appliance. It works great, is a great size (I cannot imagine using a 30 inch cooktop again), and is easy to clean.

I haven't had an issue with the heat from the oven while cooking (though it *does* get hot, just not so hot that it bothers me overly much). The back of the stove top (the back splash) gets very hot as well as someone asked about before, but it hasn't been an issue for us while cooking.

As the original reviewer mentioned, the burner/oven knobs are easy to bump into and push in, which starts the 'ticking' noise associated with the burners being ignited...but it doesn't happen often and stops as soon as you back off the knob. I was worried about our kids playing around with the knobs as well (boys, under 10 years old), but we haven't had that issue either.

All in all, it's a great range and was a great value (we bought it when Berta was running a 'get the hood free' special, which saved us $$$).

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We purchased a 48" Bertazzoni gas range last year.
1) Does anyone have any recommendations for cleaning the electric griddle? We seasoned our's after purchase and have used it a bit, and it seriously needs to be cleaned.
2) Bertazonni recommends using Simple Green to clean the inside of the oven. We tried using this product and, after several hours, we hardly made any headway. It was not strong enough. We use our oven often for roasting and it gets fairly dirty. Any suggestions for cleaning products?

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Niki Friedman

Hi- bumping this thread. I'm considering the Bert 36" cooktop and plan to take a look at it today. Anyone care to make some more recent reviews? Right now it's between thermador, electrolux and bertazzoni. Thanks!

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Hi, I am doing a complete remodel and would also appreciate seeing an updated (2014) review of Bertazzoni products -- specifically the 36-inch cooktop OR rangetop. I'm debating going for the pro-style product that is also a very good price but am a little concerned about some of the negative reviews (that mostly seem to center on the oven, not the cooktop).
Updates? Feedback? Please?

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I see that this post still has some traction to it here and there so I'm going to go ahead and post a video review I did after this written review as well.

You can see the range in action, I go through all the burners and show the capabilities of the range.

Linked below here is the YouTube video review I created.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bertazzoni video review

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Hi jgopp -

Thanks so much for the awesome review. It helped me decide to purchase my Berta :) It's been installed for a week, but our kitchen isn't complete yet, so I've only been using it in small amounts here and there. One thing I noticed is the manual says there are 5 different rack levels, but truthfully the top rack is completely unusable as the rack itself can't even go into the track due to the components on the roof of the oven cavity, and the next highest rack below that is pretty pointless, too. I'm wondering if that's normal, or if something was put together incorrectly.

Also, the one thing I am having a hard time accepting is the oven temperature control is so vague - I know everyone says to use a thermometer in the oven. That's something I've never had to do before - I always had an oven with a knob that had exact settings (as exact as you can get without being digital) - you know, the old-fashioned knob with the line on it that lined up with the little spokes all around it :) It seems like this will be the biggest drawback for me, like it'll take extra time to heat the oven all the way, check the temp, then adjust accordingly and wait again for it to stabilize. Is this not as time-consuming and annoying as I'm anticipating?

Lastly, there are two extra pieces of grating that I can't figure out what their use is. I know you mentioned a "simmer plate" - so I'm assuming the small flat one is that, and it gets placed on a burner. However, I don't know how to use it, per se. And the other item looks like a wok grate, maybe?

Any info you can provide about these things would be so appreciated!!! The manual doesn't cover a lot of the details I've grown accustomed to with American products (the manuals are like books). Thanks so much!!

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Peachmarie: As far as the rack issue goes, it sounds like the rack holders may have been installed upside down. I know there is a decent gap between the top of mine and the first rack level, unless they've changed that design. You might want to just double check that, I think they simply unscrew. Just make sure you put something in the bottom before you take the screws out in case you drop one.

As far as the oven settings go, I think it's just something you're going to have to get used to. I just set it roughly where I want it to be on the lines and once it's heated I adjust it from there. What I did was install a hanging thermo in the oven off one of the racks so I can see if through the glass door without opening the oven. Simply turn the light on and you'll be able to read it. Once you get used to the amount of time it takes to heat up and stabilize you'll get pretty good at knowing where to set it. Kind of annoying, but hey, can't do much about it now.

I'm not sure which piece you're talking about for the simmer plate...if it's the one that is a circle with 4 central connections then yes that's just to raise the pots off the burner a little more, use this one if you're trying to hold butter at melted temp. The other one is a wok grate, I don't do any wok cooking so I can't speak to the functionality of it.

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Hi again, jgopp! Thanks for the info - I'm figuring things out as I go along :) I'm loving my Berta. As far as the rack being installed upside down, that was my initial thought as well. But upon inspection, it seems as if regardless of how it's installed, it'd be the same. It's very symmetrical. I've attached a photo - is this how yours looks? I looked to see if there are additional screw holes as well, like maybe it was just installed too high, but there are no others. I'm thinking of contacting Bertazzoni and asking them about it. Would you be able to take an inside shot of yours and post it? I'd love to see it, maybe it'll shed some light for me. - p.s. I just previewed this message and the photo is posting sideways - I don't know how to straighten it out! So please bear with it . . . the top of the oven cavity is to the left. Thanks!!

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Hi - I just took a second photo, which shows the rack in the second-to-highest position (since I can't even put the rack in the highest position). As you can see, food would certainly touch the components at the top even from this position. Plus, all that stuff up there lessens the actual cavity volume. I don't know why I didn't notice this in the store when I looked at it! Maybe I never thought to look up at the roof of the cavity . . .

Lastly (and I promise this is my last question! haha . . . I see something in the specs that says I should have one telescoping rack, but I don't. Do you have one in yours?

Thanks so much for all your help!!!

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Apologies if I have missed out on a final answer to this question (am looking at Bert, vs Bosch):

Can the Bertazzoni (gas range) be ignited if electricity is not available.
Many thanks

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peachmarie: first off, SORRY it took me so long to get back to you. I'm sure you probably figured it out by now. I looked into my oven and I don't have the same overhead components as you do. I just have a broiler unit up there which runs along the top of the oven. I think they redesigned the oven a little bit since I got mine 3 years ago now. I do not have a telescoping rack, that also might be a very new addition to the ranges. I think maybe they make the rack hangers for every range they make (gas and electric) and they just fit that way these days. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

gemcap: the oven CANNOT be lit without electricity. It says specifically not to try this. I tried because I was desperate and it didn't work. I recommend you DO NOT TRY THIS because it didn't work for me at all and probably released a whole bunch of gas. I think it has an electric temperature sensor and electric ignition. HOWEVER the burners on the range top can be lit without electricity without issue.

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Is there any modern gas oven that can function without electricity? I really think not. The range I bought 20 years ago (in Eastern Europe if that matters) did have no temperature control and an oven knob just like the ones for the burners, but in US I think that this style has been out of fashion for decades.

The oven regulates its temperature by either turning on and off the gas supply, hence needing an electrical igniter to relight it, or by dynamically adjusting the gas valve, thus requiring some electrically-driven mechanism.

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jgopp -- I'm not sure it's fair to complain about the size of the Berta oven. It's adequate for many people (I catered a party for 50 people using that oven). An oven that size doesn't take as long as larger ones do to heat up. And the price point of the range really requires some forgiveness. It's not a Wolf wannabe but it does fit up to an 16-pound turkey.

Actually, I prefer the smaller oven to having the oven so low it's practically on the floor.

The storage space below the oven was very handy for my griddle and baking sheets.

Anyone who wants/needs a larger oven won't buy the Berta.

For a range at that price point -- that really is a relevant issue -- the cooktop is exceptionally good. It does have sealed burners but there is plenty of power, as you note very well. And it's great to point out that it looks far more expensive than it is but I love me my bang for the buck.

Since you say in the video you aren't sure what the center area of the largest burner is for, let me suggest a purpose. Because there is a very valid one. Cooking anything with both sections of the burner turned on will give very even heat across the bottom of a large pan. With the center off, there is a dead spot.

Even heat distribution across the bottom of a pan, plus power equals great cooking performance. It's one reason why the open burner folks argue about burner configuration.

This post was edited by rococogurl on Sun, Nov 2, 14 at 14:10

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rococogurl: I definitely understand where you are coming from on most of the points. I have a 30 inch Wolf at another property of mine and I really like the 'tallness' of the oven more. But that's not to say that the Bert doesn't get it done just fine.

Maybe this is a first world problem for me, but I have a ton of cabinet space around and near the range which I can store pans and stuff so I don't use that under storage space ever. I do agree that the higher oven door is a bit nicer since you don't have to bend over so much. I honestly don't think the oven being smaller is a huge issue, I would consider buying another Berta again if I needed. Especially considering the fact that I have one of their wall ovens as well.

I think it's a perfectly nice range. I really do enjoy cooking on it and entertaining using it. And as you say, the bang for the buck cannot be beat. I'm not sure what they are charging these days, but I think they've gotten a little more expensive than when I bought it. Believe me I love a good deal too! One of my favorite things is to tell people how inexpensive it was when they ask if it cost 10 grand or something ridiculous. Why overspend when you can get pretty much all the same features as a hugely more expensive range.

I can now see what you're talking about for the center burner. I just haven't used mine in that capacity before. If I'm using it it is generally for a large pot of water or stock for something.

Anyway I hope I didn't come off as too critical of the range in my reviews, video or write up. I do love this range, it's a quality piece, and I'm absolutely not disappointed in buying it at all. It has never had a single problem in the almost four years of owning it.

gigelus2k13: I'm not sure, I would assume that it most this way for all the more modern ranges. I haven't tried manually igniting the Wolf, but I doubt it can be done either. Seems like everything these days has safety feature after safety feature. And that is a good thing in my opinion.

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hey jgopp - Thanks for the response! It's ok that it took awhile; I did a ton of research on my own and basically came up empty-handed and decided it is what it is. So far, it hasn't been an issue. I only have two racks anyway, and really don't need anything to sit up that high in the oven. I'm sure over time it'll be fine. At this point, I'm just curious as to why they even bother putting in those rack grooves if you can't put a rack there, in addition to saying there are five rack levels in the specs. I think it'll remain one of the great mysteries of the cosmos.

In terms of the telescoping rack, I did find the piece lying around in my construction mess where the plumber left it. He didn't install it, but apparently from what I've read on other forums, it's easy to put in. I just haven't gotten around to playing with it yet, as I'm still attempting to move back in to my finally almost-finished kitchen!

I've been actively using the Berta now for a few weeks, and love it. It's a wonderful piece of machinery to cook on and in. No complaints!

Thanks for all your help!

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Bumping for additional reviews, as I'm close to purchasing this brand

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Thank you very much for the helpful review! Purchasing Bert 30" pro. Was using Viking, but failed twice in 2 years, and each time, cost me so much just to fix small parts, so decided to buy a new instead of wasting another $1000 for parts&labor for Viking. After reading this article, I'm now excited to use the brand new Bert!

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I have my eye on a 48" Berta Gas Rangetop with griddle (no oven) - pricing is great IMO at $2729. So many of the reviews I've read here have convinced me that it's a great machine at a fabulous price.

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