FF won't start

TerrapotsNovember 22, 2011

I get message Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections. I got this message with Google but unchecked proxy server configuration and it fixed it but when I tried to start FF it would not start. What do you think happened? I was just considering deleting it and uninstalling it. I don't particularly like it but wanted a second browser just in case. I installed chrome and it runs fine but I really don't like it as I don't understand it yet. I'm running win vista.

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Browsers are 85% the same. It's the 15% that makes each have its own identity, and any new one you use will require patience for a while as you learn.

Though not one of the "popular" browsers, SlimBrowser sure runs well on my Vista system. Then again, FF, IE9, and Opera run pretty well too.


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Was FF running before you installed Chrome? Are you thinking of wiping off FF or Chrome?

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Something changed it to a ProxyServer ? Check your control panel internet settings plus all your browsers to make sure they are not Proxied.

Unless you know what make the Proxy changes ... Perhaps run a virus scan and/or the likes of SuperAntiSpyware.com free version before doing a Firefox uninstall/re-install of current FireFox.

Is probably what I would do.

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OT: DA, it looks (after a very brief glance) that Slimbrowser is Mozilla based, is that right ? If so, I'm just wondering what you would say the advantages are of it over just going with FF or SeaMonkey. ??

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would definitely run some scans malwarebytes, superantispyware, and an online virus scan asap.
ESET Online Scanner

anytime something changes settings on your pc that is the first thing to check.

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Sea Monkey I cannot comment on as I have never tried it.

As for SB I can only share that it is reputed to be a pared down browser, hence the slim reference, and it works just fine. Sometimes when my 3G network is overburdened and connection speeds slow I switch to SB with resulting speed improvement. I have a long time friend, and once a former member here, who just absolutely loves SB.

Though I have Opera and Chrome on my system along with the aforementioned others others, I have never been impressed by the two.

Guess that's what makes the world go around.


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My long message wouldn't post, said I wasn't logged in. I thought I was. I tried to log in but page could not be found or some other error. This is just a test.

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I'M using Sec. Essentials, it scans regularly. I also recently ran Malwarebytes. FF worked before, I've had it quite a while but never use it. IE for some reason or other quit working giving that proxy setting. I went to setup and unchecked look for proxy setting. IE came back on. When I went back to FF it then wouldn't work, it had the same message I got with IE. I installed chrome but I don't really like it. I have to study it which I have no time for. Thank you for the discussion. Should I remove FF and reinstall it?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

makes no difference what you have on the pc as to if it could be infected there are many infections that can still infect your pc with you having a working AV product. Many actually disable your AV product without you even knowing it which is why an online scan is recommended in these cases.

Something is changing your settings it is very important to find out what and why.

can not hurt to remove FF and reinstall. but then again what is changing your settings....

Might want to add the free version of WinPatrol

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Ravencajun, never heard of WinPatrol. Checked out comments on cnet and it sounds like I shouldn't be without it. I'm going to remove FF, install WinPatrol and then re-install FF. Do you have a safe link for download? I'm getting paranoid now. I'm assuming WinPatrol will not conflict with SEssentials?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

winpatrol will not interfere with MSE. Bill P the creator of winpatrol is a great guy and offers a free version as well as a pay version and often offers it for super discounted prices like 99c so be on the watch around the holidays for any surprises he may list on his site.
that is Bill's site. you will see on down the page a link for the free download. There is a great section over on LzD forum for winpatrol should you need help
WinPatrol Help & Information
and you can rest assured there will be no add on junk that comes with your download, Bill has never gone that route, another reason he is one of the good guys.
His blog
Bits from Bill

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A couple of tips so you don't worry needlessly:

When you click on WP nothing happens except an icon appearing in the Notification Area. Click on the icon to activate WP. Be prepared to hear Scotty. You will know what I mean.

When in the Services and Startup tabs never delete entries. Only disable them. This allows you to correct errors in judgement.

It is ok to disable WP in the Startup. It will then become an on-demand application rather than running behind the scenes, and it will run normally when activated.

When WP is open do not be surprised when asked to allow applications to be entered into the Startup. Unless you are 100% sure you want this just select no.

If you use SuperAntiSpyware and have it configured not to run in realtime be prepared to have the above request to occur. If you say no another ugly sounding window referring to removal of SAS will appear. As they say about drugs....just say no. Things will remain operational and remain not in realtime.


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I ran the ESET online scanner and it found and deleted a trojan. It was named JAVA something. Got distracted, trying to get ready for the holiday so am trying to multitask and not doing it well. I will install WinPatrol later on. Haven't reinstalled FF but will do so as soon as I have some time. Busy weekend coming up.

Thank you and wish everyone a joyful Thanksgiving day. Will post later results of installation of FF, etc.

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Be sure to use the current full release version of FF, v8.0.1.


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My experience has been, that any trojan etc, that changes the settings to proxy, also has something running in the background, that wont be detected by just running scanning software. My advice would be to have an updated malwarebytes on your computer to run a scan with. Before running any scans, download a program called rkill (you will barely know that it has worked, when you click on it, because, it is so fast) Once you have run rkill, then run your scans. I would also run eset online scanner, to make sure you are clean.

Here is a link that might be useful: rkill

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would definitely run an updated malwarebytes scan asap.
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Win) - Detecting and Removing Malware

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