QVC Cook's Essentials -- Opinions?

tmac96February 9, 2005

I will be getting married this summer and would like to purchase a new cookware set for my future husband and me. So far we have a couple of basic pieces that have gotten us through college and a little beyond but I would like to purchase a set that will last us much longer and be much more durable. My parents have also given me a few Oneida stainless steel pieces that I love, so I am looking for something similar. I am interested in QVC's Cook's Essentials Stainless Steel line. Here is what I like:

- The saucepans have the curved sides near the base that spoons fit easily in.

- The saucepans come with collander (SP?) lids which I have rarely seen anywhere else.

- I like being able to see what I am cooking with the tempered glass lids.

- I really like stainless steel! I know the anodized (SP?) is supposed to be better but I think they are too ugly for me!

- I have bought from QVC often in the past and have always been satisfied with their service.

What do you think? Good? The only other concern I have is that this line is only oven-safe to 350. They have a stainless steel 500 line that is oven-safe to 500, but I don't like the stainless lids. I also have never needed to put my cookware in the oven like that -- usually just use on stovetop.

I LOVE cooking but can't afford tons of $$. Is this a good value? What are your opinions on what would be best long term? Any opinions on Cook's Essentials in general? Thanks for any advice!!

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I too, have been looking hard at the Cook's Essentials Line. I have read many good reports on the internet about their warranty. I have a full set of Calph "Pro" Nonstick and I was very happy when I first got it. But now, it has pretty much lost it's nonstick ability. Can't get the fry pan clean. I have the bakeware set also, and the "Jelly Roll" pans are flaking badly. I have read many complaints about the Calphalon warranty too. Seems they deny most claims always stating that the owner did "something wrong" that voided the warranty. So I won't even bother sending them back to Calphalon, I'll throw them out. I plan to purchase the "Technique" Anodozed non-stick set in the near future.

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My friends have Cook's Essentials and really like it. I went the HSN route with Ultrex and 14,000 scrubs with a Scotch Brite - wrong choice. Its nonstick started wearing off right away. My cookware is mostly stainless tri-ply now, and a couple of month ago I did get a non-stick from ScanPan after hearing good reports. I use this for eggs and other frying where I want to keep the oil to a minimum. I think I am going to get Cook's Essentials non-stick electric pot so that I have more cooking area for the holidays. I missed the smaller size, but I think they have the 8 qt. available. You might want to take a look, and try one of their 'try me' offers.

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Ye sI believe the cookware is only oven safe to 350 but hte 500 series to 500 I believe. I have 1 pc of 500 & a set of the regular & while both work well & look great I hate the 500 b/c of the stainless handle - burns - yikes!

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I bought a set of Cook's Essentials Hard Anodized about a year ago, and I love it. The non stick interior has held up beautiflly and the one thing I especially like is that you can use metal utensils with it and it comes with a lifetime warrenty. I have been purchesing things from QVC for many years and know if you have a problem they are more than eager to help resolve it. If you buy it use it for 30 days, If you don't like it send it back they will give you a full refund. Try it I think you will be very pleased.

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Gil Roschuni

We have a set and have been using them for about 2-1/2 years now. Most of the pots are almost like new still. The fry pans are in good shape even though we have been using metal utensils with them. They still retain all their non-stick ability, though one of them is discolored from where someone let the thing "boil dry" so to speak. The pans have a lifetime warranty if you ever have a problem. They cook very evenly and perform very well. I think they are an excellent buy for the money. We had to augment our starter set with a few other open stock purchases, but that is true of all "sets" and I think it was worth it to buy the set. Good luck. :-)

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I have the large set of Stainless 500, w/a Lifetime Guarentee. How can you go wrong? QVC are really good about RETURNS.

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Many years ago we bought the frying pans from QVC on a lifetime warranty. They have been fine, BUT when the teflon wears out, QVC needs you to return the item. And you do not know what pan they will replace it with. This costs more in postage than the pan is worth. So beware - the warranty isn't a very good deal.

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