small Miele problem

EATREALFOODNovember 10, 2012

I really like the Crystal model I bought.

Tonight it stopped early in the cycle before the soap was dispensed, and because it is so quiet I didn't notice it had shut off.

There was water left in the bottom, I calmly(ok I panicked) cleaned the filter and restarted. It's running now...whew! I am staying up until it finishes...probably be in bed at 1:15 am.

I read on another thread that I should run a Miele cleaner through the machine once a month to clean out any oil buildup. Can someone please tell me the name of this product and where to buy it.

Thank you

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I've been using a Diamante Plus since April 2010 and never had that issue with it stopping mid-cycle. I guess maybe something must of got clogged and it tripped the safety feature.

I clean out the bottom filter once a week and rinse out the non return valve (its below the filter and on the left side). It had a small metal ball in there.

The dishwasher cleaner I've also used. After the first 6 months I used a full bottler per the directions, place upside down in the middle rack, remove the pull tab and run on pots/pans mode. It did clean well, but at $12 its pricy to use a bottle a few times a year. What I do now in open the bottle and fill the�detergent dispenser with the cleaner and run on the pots/pans mode. I do this once a month, and one bottle has lasted almost a year.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Miele sells a liquid Conditioner and a powdered Cleaner. Not sure if the Cleaner is sold in the US, though. The Conditioner is citric acid to remove lime scale, the Cleaner powder is rather similar to detergent.

If you use enough detergent there won't be any gunk in your dishwasher. Only if all your dishes start coming out oily should you worry about cleaning the dishwasher itself. If you still want to freshen it up just clean the filter, underneath the door (where it meets the tub), put the filter unit in the rack and run you DW with a small dose of detergent on Pots and Pans. I did excact that with my second-hand Bosch and it cleaned it out beautifully.


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Thank you both I appreciate the help. I will try both methods.

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The dishwasher should have presented a code that would hint at the cause of stoppage. I don't recall one for oiliness. I would worry that the solenoid on the water line was getting sticky, or that water had leaked into the dishwasher belly pan and actuated the automatic shut off, or some other problem had occurred that could be intermittent.

German engineering may be great, but German product execution is sometimes less.


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Hi Eatrealfood,

My Miele Diamond was stopping mid-cycle (periodically) for a couple months until they finally found the problem. I did have an error code--"Technical Fault F78" Did you have a code at all?

FWIW, my problem was a bent prong in a connector, causing intermittent mid-cycle stops.

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Forgot to mention, my local Miele certified tech couldn't find the problem the first time or two--actually ended up breaking the hinge mechanism when he tried to fix it.

Eventually, they sent me a Master Miele Technician from about 4 hours away. He was the one who disassembled the DW and found the problem. If your problem persists and they have trouble diagnosing it, you may want to request a Master Miele Tech. Apparently the mid-cycle stops can be caused by a range of problems.

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Thank you

Kaseki--"that water had leaked into the dishwasher belly pan and actuated the automatic shut off, "
Is there any way I can check this myself?

Madeline616--there was no code. The filter did need to be cleaned. It worked fine after that. I think I will call Miele tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.
"Apparently the mid-cycle stops can be caused by a range of problem" ugh. This is the best DW, I hope it was something VERY simple like a clogged filter.

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Definitely have a Miele factory rep come out and check it out. They really know how to fix the DW and were very friendly.

I bought some of the conditioner - but haven't tried it. The Appliance Doctor recommends Tang to clean the DW - this is for real! I have Tank in my pantry but haven't used it in awhile.

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I think it is hard to see what is in the pan until its contents are dumped on your floor when the DW is put on its side. (partly kidding)

It would be worthwhile to look under the DW and make sure that there is no obvious leaking.

In any case if cleaning the filter eliminated the problem then we would have to depend on that as a diagnostic pending another stoppage. Does this model have a code display or any lights that might indicate a cause?


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No code came up. I really need to call Miele...

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Yes, even if nothing is wrong or it doesn't happen again for months, it seems like you might want to get it on record that you had a problem, for warranty purposes if it occurs in the future after the warranty is expired.

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