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retro_rabbitFebruary 13, 2005

We'd like a large griddle. This would be used almost exclusively for pancakes and french toast.

We were thinking about a griddle to fit over 2 burners of our new Wolf stove, or possibly an electric griddle (which seems less convenient, offhand, and presents more of a storage challenge). Nonstick would be nice.

Any recommendations? We were looking at the All Clad nonstick LTD griddle, is that overkill? Would plain old cast iron be a better idea? We currently use a cast iron frypan for this purpose, but were hoping for something more easy-care.

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I use a Calphalon Pro non stick two burner griddle for the same purposes you mentioned. I used to use an electric griddle but as you mentioned, too much space and work involved. There are a few Pro pieces left on some outlet sites (googled) for about $50 as opposed to all clad for about $100. I like mine very much, heats well, cleans easily.

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I have the same one that Mes44 has. Fits over two burners. I would recommend this one too.


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I have the All-Clad LTD griddle that you describe. I LOVE it! The thing that I really dig about it is it's evenness. The space between the burners gets just as warm as the space directly over the burners. It's also a snap to clean. I recommend it highly.

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GET AN ELECTRIC GRIDDLE!! I paid $30 for my Rival electric griddle (non-stick) and it is wonderful! Here are the benefits over a stove-top griddle: it heats extremely evenly (no adjusting burners necessary, it holds a ton of french toast or pancakes, and lastly, and most importantly, it frees up your stove top to cook bacon, sausage, potatoes or whatever. You can just set this on the counter and two people can easily make a huge breakfast at one time.

Also, it is portable. We have taken it with us when we rented a cottage, especially since we didn't know how reliable the stove would be.

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