Choc chip cookies, oven temp?

marys1000February 19, 2008

Ok I'll admit, I don't bake that much though I really like it.

I just made choc chip cookies for the first time in a long time and they are coming out more cakey than I like.

They are sort of standing up, not melting into a flatter chewy cookie.

I moved to a different state recently and am in an apt.

I figured the oven temp was off and tried to check it with a digital temp thing I have, long bent metal spike with a long wire but I don't think I know how to get a good read on that either. It kept moving up and down, then would go to HI, plus trying to wait for the oven to catch up or cook down wasn't working.

Any ideas on the cakey cookies? It did seem like the batter was sort of dry or stiff. I double checked the directions. 2 sticks of butter, 2 eggs, etc.

Maybe too much flour? Or could it be the oven temp?

Anyway, they were pretty bad, i threw them into the woods for the racoons:)

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So if you used 2 eggs and 2 sticks of butter, then you should have used just a little more than 2 cups of flour. And approx 1 and 1/2 cups sugar.

Heat is probably not the culprit. Usually 325-350 degree oven. Too much butter or too cool an oven and the cookies will just melt flat. Since you have the opposite problem, it was probably too much flour. Also, a lower temperature might help if they cooked too fast to spread out. But if there is too much flour, no matter how low the temp. is they won't spread.

You can kinda tell when you spoon them out on to the cookie sheet. Also, if you check them after a couple minutes and they're too tall, you can push them down with a spoon.

The opposite problem happens as well. People that use lots of sugar and butter sometimes refrigerate the batter to help keep it from running.

I like to toss in some coconut and walnut bits as well. mmm

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Oh dang - wrong forum! Sorry.

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