Dripless Server for Maple Syrup?

gordonrFebruary 22, 2007

Has anyone found a dripless server for maple syrup? I bought (and returned) one from Bed Bath and Beyond that was like the ones you see in restaurants. It was terrible; poor pouring control and excess syrup just dribbled down the front.

My ideal server wouldn't drip, could go in the microwave and could be sealed for storage in the frig.

I'm curious if the Eva Solo Drip-free salad dressing shaker might do the job.

Any recommedations would be welcome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Eva Solo dessing shaker

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We have a small pottery pitcher from LL Bean that DS gave us as a Christmas gift a number of years ago. (It was in a gift set with some pancake mix and syrup.) We still use it for maple syrup when we serve French toast or pancakes to guests. It doesn't drip.

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FYI - I tried out the Eva Solo Drip-free salad dressing shaker with maple syrup. It is EXCELLENT! No more dripping syrup all over the place in our house.

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