Can this stoneware be saved?

debrak_2008February 9, 2011

Hi. I'm usually in other forums on gardenweb so this is my first time here.

I have a shallow rectange stone purchased from pampered chef several years ago. After much use it is now completely black. Appears to have a layer of hardened grease/oil on it. It starts to smoke when I try to use it in the oven above 350 degrees. When I cut on it say with a pizza cutter the "black layer" sometimes chips off. I just wash it was hot water using the scrapper it came with. Sometimes I use paper towels if there is alot of grease on it.

Can this stone be saved or do I have to start over with a new stone? What did I do wrong?

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Probably the thing to do would be to call Pampered Chef.
But if they can't give you an answer, I would put it in my self cleaning oven and run a cycle.
I have done that with my stone, but mine is not a Pampered Chef thing.
Linda C

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I called pampered chef. They said to make a baking soda paste and let it sit 30 min. It did seem to take out some of the oil. I'm going to stop using it for things like hamburgers which causes the most grease.

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It make take several treatments with baking soda paste to completely do the job. Each time that you treat it more baked on grease will come off. Also, after using it for things like hamburgers clean it with Dawn Power Dissolver. This product is found in most supermarkets. It will dissolve "newly" baked on grease like magic. I love this product for removing the sticky gunk (polymerized oil) that forms on my stainless steel appliances from grease splatter. Stainless steel is famous for turning grease into a sticky gunk on its surface. This product is a lifesaver for cleaning chrome plated or stainless steel fry baskets.


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