Difficulty cleaning blue porcelain Wolf oven interior?

eastcoastmomNovember 25, 2009

Just got a brand new 48" Wolf range -love it, but I'm concerned about cleaning the blue interior and wondering if there is something I should be doing differently. I followed the instructions for before first use (500 degrees on convection roast for an hour after rinsing out with mld soap and drying with a cloth). That is supposed to get rid of any left over oil from manufacturing. The first dish I made in the oven was a simple chicken dish I've made countless times before. There was some spillover and I immediately wiped off what I could afterwards, but not all of it would come off. I didn't think anything much of it and decided it would be a good time to do a test drive of the self clean feature. Put it through once and most, but not all of the oil stains disappeared. Near the door, there were still several areas of baked on black stain, that try as I might would not budge. Also some of the spillover got onto the stainless steel strips on the back of the door - these would not come off either.

I put the oven through a second self clean and these areas still remained.

Are these blue interiors really hard to keep clean? Does it sound like something is wrong with the self-clean? Anything I could try to use on this? Manual says mild abrasive only - do they mean something like soft scrub? Anything else I could use? These dark spots are like a layer of baked on grease that is crazy glued on.

My old Thermador oven self cleaned perfectly every time and when a lot more left on the inside than this. It seems as if all the remaining stains are nearest to the door. Could it be it's not getting hot enough over there? Anyone have any idea what may be going on? I will definitely call the store and Wolf to get some insight. Meanwhile, I think this is s..l..o..w..l..y.. coming off, but if this is what it's going to be like to keep clean it'll be quite a challenge. I do think something is wrong here, though.

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Sounds like my all-gas DCS self-cleaning range - the area on the bottom near the door doesn't get hot enough to fully self-clean - DCS advised me to use COLD Easyoff on that area and a BLUE scotchbrite scrubby and it worked - I'd call Wolf before using Easyoff, though, and see what they say.

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Do not use SoftScrub. Cold EasyOff will work well, just let it sit a while. As W said use a blue 3m scrubber. If the burned spots remain you can use a razor blade held FLAT against the surface with some Formula 409 as a lubricant. All this recommended by Wolf.

I have the DF Wolf and am underimpressed with the self clean. I just wipe clean after a messy dish and use the cold easyOff as needed.

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I didn't need to hear this. My new oven has a spill burned on the bottom and I tried to wipe it up with not much luck. I tried some baking soda but it didn't touch it.

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Thanks, everyone - very helpful

Called Wolf - they said to use a degreaser like Fantastic or 409 on a Scotch-Brite and if that didn't work the Cold Easyoff (she did say Softscrub is fine to use). I have gotten almost everything out (but still not all). There is also apparently a scraping razor that is included with the ovens that you can use carefully. The rep told me that close to the door does not get quite as hot and may need some touching up and something about breaking it in, but still felt my experience wasn't normal. I'm also going to have service come out to make sure the oven is heating up properly on the clean cycle.

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I'm a recent new owner of a Wolf DF 30" and I had a greasy pizza leak on to the bottom, it actually flamed up for 30 seconds but I'm sure that isn't really a big deal since that can occur during a self clean.

Anyhow I ran the self clean rather then trying to scrub the spot, there is still a spot visible where it burned, although I haven't really tried scrubbing it yet.

I would rather first use the cold easy off, but I called Canadian Support and they said the Wolf Manual no longer mentions that it is OK to use Easy off cold, so they could no longer recommend I try that.

Was just wondering if the USA counterpart is saying the same thing, or if there should be any concern at all using the cold easy off, I don't want to do anything to discolour the porcelain.

As well what do I need to do to get the window as perfectly clear as it was before the self clean, It was amazing at first, I've never seen an oven window so clear, but after the self clean it doesn't have that same clarity..how do I restore that?


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Just curious, as I am considering the DF vs the all gas right now and one reason is the self-cleaning aspect. If any of you had it to do over again, would you have gone with all gas (no self-cleaning) or are you happy enough with the other points of difference (stays cooler, true convection, temp read outs, etc.) and would repurchase the dual fuel again?

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We replaced our Dacor double oven with a new Wolf unit about a year ago. We bought it because we LOVED the blue interior, we love our Sub-Zero (same company) and because we were told that the Wolf was "THE" best. After very light use, we tried the self cleaning feature and were amazed at what a HORRIBLE job it did. When we self cleaned our Dacor, it came out spotless. With the Wolf, there were many spots that did not come clean and the glass seems to be just about impossible to clean. For an appliance that cost over $7,000.00, this is a HUGE disappointment.

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My Wolf duel fuel range with sealed burners and separate Wolf wall oven are over two years old now, and I thought I should check back in case anyone is overly concerned about my original post. I'm happy to say that my initial issues, while a big concern to me at the time, don't seem to have amounted to anything significant. Ironically, I now find the oven ridiculously easy to care for and it still looks like new. The cooktop is a breeze, just some 409 and everything wipes off. Areas near the front of the oven occasionally do need a spot cleaning. Some 409 or a paste of baking powder work fine and takes just a few seconds. Overall, except for the areas right near the door, which don't get dirty all that often to begin with, the self clean works extremely well, even when it's gotten very dirty.

An earlier poster is correct that they no longer recommend using the cold Easy Off for stubborn spots. I think it does work well, but my guess is they no longer recommend because it needs to be completely and totally rinsed off after use. My guess is that if it's not, it can damage the finish. But for whatever reason, I haven't had any more experiences like the one in my OP. Maybe it really did have to "break in."

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I thought I would weigh in here, even though the posts are fairly old. I have a wolf 36" all gas range, and have so much trouble cleaning the oven that I would love to turn back time and get the dual fuel so I'd have a self-cleaning feature. My range is almost 7 years old. Overall, I love it. At the time I purchased it, a friend of mine was saying that she did not like how her electric oven cooks, and wished she had not listened to all of the dual-fuel hype. I knew I disliked how my mother's electric oven cooked, so I went with all-gas (which I preferred the look of, anyway - nicer knobs!).

Well, over time, the occasional spillover in the oven has actually pitted the enamel in places, and it can never look good inside the oven. I'm not filming a cooking show here, so it's not the end of the world, but it does frustrate me. In addition to the pitting, there are so many nooks and crannies, it's just impossible to get the whole thing clean. At this point, because the job is so overwhelming, I probably only tackle it twice a year (and I actually don't want my cleaning person to do it for fear she'll just get frustrated and try to go at it with brillo or something super-aggressive and ruin the whole thing). The only advice I can give for those with a new all-gas is to clean it frequently to avoid the pitting I've experienced. I find it frustrating that Wolf in general says "clean up spills as soon as they happen, but don't clean while the surface is hot." Hmm. That's a little contradictory.

It took me a while to discover that the best thing (for the range top and the oven) is a true degreaser - i buy Krud Kutter from the cleaning supplies area of Lowe's. They probably have similar at home depot. It's in a spray bottle like a windex or fantastic would be in. Great for the range hood, too - but for that, spray on your cloth and then wipe so you won't get it on the cabinets. I wish I'd discovered it sooner, because I think a quick wipe down with this after you roast a chicken or anything that has all-over grease spatter would have prevented some of the permanent damage to my enamel.

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Anyone keep their pizza stone in the the oven. I used to do that with my old oven and it kept the bottom much cleaner. (on the lowest rack, not the bottom of the oven)
I just cleaned my Wolf electric for the first time and it came out pretty good - there might be a few light spots...
So, I put the stone back in the oven and we will see how it works.

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I wish I would have been wiser and I hope someone reads this post before making the same stupid mistake I did. I have a new LG electric oven with a blue interior. It was fairly expensive for an LG - dual convection, front panel controls, actual metal knobs. I needed an electric unit and liked the fact that this one had a front control panel and knobs, dual convection and was a slide in. I've unfortunately damaged the blue interior by using Bar Keepers Friend. The packaging said it was OK for porcelain and I was too dense to test a spot first or consult the owner's manual. Perhaps the interior isn't porcelain? Anyway, the abrasive was too aggressive and the bottom of the oven is now hazy. I've gone over it a few times withe cooktop polish and it seems a bit better, but not like it was. Big bummer, but at least I wasn't this stupid with an expensive Wolf. The way appliances are these days I'll probably only have the thing 5-6 years anyway. I was deathly afraid to use the self clean because I'd read about other self cleaning ovens self destructing after use of the self clean mode. Not to mention, I've been kind of getting a run around on warranty with our LG fridge. "No authorized service providers in your area" - we are 5 miles from a decent sized city (population about 190,000).

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wolf sent me a pdf file with updated cleaning instructions. i have a 6 month old df range w/blue interior and have been having trouble cleaning the interior; my complaints are much the same as others have posted here. i tried attaching the file they sent to me but couldn't get it to work since it is in pdf form. you could try calling or emailing customer service. cs2em@subzero.com and asking for the wolf cleaning reference for your particular range.
i haven't yet tried the recommendations so nothing to report. the cleaning reference paper does list recommended cleaning products and gives specific cleaning instructions for the different parts of the range.

foosh.cat... barkeepers friend is one of the accepted cleaning products, though i am not clear where one is to use it. my oven liner was pitting and was just replaced, so i am treading lightly here in the cleaning dept.

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