Lightweight Cookware Safe For Glass Cooktops - Please Help

ginakraFebruary 17, 2010

Hi, I have nerve and muscle pain in my arms and need suggestions for lightweight cookware that is safe for ceramic glass cooktops. Can anyone help? The only stipulations are it must be very light weight, a set costing less than $250, dishwasher safe. I'm not a cookware snob, any brand will do. :) Casual cook.

I love my old 1986 Revereware Copper Clad, but apparently it cannot be used on glass cooktops due to the copper bottoms. :( I have trekked around at a couple of stores to handle pots and the only thing I could lift was Paula Dean's Signature Stainless but the pots also have copper bottoms. Even those were a bit heavy, but it was mostly the lids I think.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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What about Farberware? Their Classic series is not too heavy, and it's got good flat bottoms. I know they have some other Collections too that might work for you.

I got some nice new HEAVY Calphalon cookware when I remodeled my kitchen 6 years ago, but I use my 39 year old Farberware wedding gift cookware most of the time (outlasted the marriage). I love it.

Good luck

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Why can't you use your Revere Ware? That is what I have, and I have used it on ALL of my ceramic glass top stoves, including my current one. Works like a charm, I love those pots and pans! I wouldn't buy anything new if I were you.

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momj47, I did like the Farberware Classic except for the handles, which I found too arched and narrow but I may have to get used to it if I don't find anything else. Thanks for the link to the other collection, I might find something there. I'll email them too, for suggestions :)

gypsyrose, Whirlpool told me not to use copper bottom pots on the glass because it would discolor the black surface. Are your pots copper-bottomed?

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Yes, my pots are copper bottom, and I have a black glass top GE stove. I have used these pots on many type stoves, a few with black tops and I have no problems. Also the best cleaner for the stove is not that expensive white waxy stuff, I use a diluted Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds with a little vinegar in it, and baking soda for anything burned on. It not only is easier to clean but it looks better too.

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I have a lot of Revereware and the bottoms are not flat, anymore (if they ever were). They are the only pieces of my old cookware that I can't use on my cooktop.

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Thanks for your replies! I decided not to use my old Revereware because my manufacturer advised against it, plus I needed a new set anyway. Most of the botttoms were not flat, etc. I wanted to reply to this thread in case anyone was searching for the same thing, because I found a really nice set of cookware, REALLY light and inexpensive, and actually is a really nice set.

It's called Tools of the Trade Cookright (NOT the Basics line), it's Macy's brand. It is stainless steel with an aluminum disk.

For frying eggs and stuff, I got the same brand (Cookright) but in hard anodized.

I have no problem lifting them even with food in them, very very lightweight. If you have arthritis or fibromyalgia or any type of pain, I would highly suggest them. The stainless are dishwasher safe, but my husband has hand washed them so far because they are easy to clean and so pretty. Eventually I'm sure they'll make their way to the dishwasher. The hard anodized pans are NOT dishwasher safe. The box says they are safe for glass cooktops, and there were many other surfaces too, although now the box is gone and I can't list the surfaces, but I think it was safe for most I could think of. Hope this helps someone out there like me!

Thanks again for the replies!

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Thanks for the update. That's good to know. I will probably need your information when I move after I retire in a few years.

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