cast iron pans

bmmaloneFebruary 12, 2011

my husband thinks I am crazy, but I can taste a metal taste when he uses cast iron pans. Anyone else have this problem?

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No, but you could be very sensitive to that taste for some reason. Cooking in a cast iron pan is supposed to add a bit of iron to the diet.

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I agree with the previous post. It adds some iron into your food but you can't taste it. It's like 9-10 mg per 100g food.

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It may be that the foods being cooked in the pans are acidic (such as tomatoe based), and/or not totally seasoned. With normal cooking and frying you shouldn't be tasting or smelling iron if the pan is extremely well seasoned. The Lodge maufacturing website has tips on seasoning cast iron pans.

The amount of iron you are getting will not harm you, and is likely very beneficial. I cook with cast iron all the time. Love it.


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It could also be you (he) has lost the seasoning you should have on the surface. If it gets the least little bit of rust to it, even a dusting of it, you can taste the iron.

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