Roof color

bus_driverOctober 1, 2012

This forum probably will will have the most and best responses to this question. Existing house, sort of Cape Cod style, no dormers. Roof needs replacing. House has light yellow aluminum siding and reddish-brown brick. Present roof is red conventional 3-tab shingles. Considering using architectural shingles for the durability although the conventional might look better on this style house. One side of the house gets constant Sun all day, Summer and Winter, and attic/upstairs heat problems result from that. So roof color that is cooler (with black being the hottest) is desirable, but also need compatible with the other exterior colors.

Suggestions requested.

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Historically, a cape would have had wood shingles so architectural laminated shingles would seem more appropriate than 3 tab shingles.

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Weathered Wood or a light gray color would be appropriate and not be as hot as black.

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