Calphalon One Vs. Vollrath Cookware

seanmartinFebruary 11, 2004

I just bought a cookware set at Costco. They had a special booth for a two week period, selling Vollrath cookware. They claim it is commercial grade, permanent never-stick system, and that they are in 80% of restaurants. The cookware is a heavy gauge alloy and some kind of titanium non-stick. They burned milk and plastic on the inside and outer edge of the pan and it wiped off with a napkin. The pans are dishwasher safe, safe with metal utensils, and ok for the oven I believe up to 400 or 450 degrees. My friend was in culinary school, worked in several restaurants, and said this was the type of cookware they used. They have a 25 year warranty and the 11 pc set cost me 399.00. Has anyone heard of this brand and is it as good as or better than Calphalon One!

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Vollrath is in a lot of pro kitchens...tough stuff. This titanium non stick is a new one on me, though. Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep my eye out for it.

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the inside of the box reads:

Ameriware professional commercial Grade Non-stick Cookware

AMERICA's only hard ceramic, reinforced non-stick cooking system designed for commercial use and convenience.

Cook on medium heat

Patented PRO-Series PLUS

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I'm thinking of buying new pots and pans, What is the most durable and the easiest to clean?

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Scanpan. I've abused several for quite a few years at high heat with metal utensils.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scanpan surface technology

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That stuff is an amazing insulator. Even in a very thin layer. It's used as a paint additive to minimize heat transfer...

From GeddesHouse's Scanpan link:

"The SCANPAN surface technology is based on the principle of using ceramic tiles on the space shuttle, which prevent the shuttle from burning up during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere."

The Shuttle tiles are made to minimize heat transfer.

Seems like this would be a problem.

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Nope, not a problem. Works quite well.
All the advantages of very think aluminum, none of the "raw aluminum" problems.
All the advantages of nonstick, none of the peeling/scratching/wearing-off problems of a typical "painted on" surface.
Swishes clean under fawcet while still hot, guaranteed no warping (and believe me I've TESTED it).
As far as cooking quality, my basis of comparison is LeCreuset, and it measures up VERY well (although I still love my LeCreuset).
The only thing that interferes with this stuff being appropriate for commercial (restaurant) use is the glass lids, which are totally appropriate for most home use (I've never had a problem in about 15+ years, not even the smallest chip, and I like being able to see in, plus the lid handles stay cool).


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Ceramic is a very broad term. Glass is a ceramic. There are many ceramics that have metals in them especially aluminum. Some conduct heat and electricity, some don't. Certain kind of concrete are considered ceramic. So ceramics are not just clay pots and floor tiles.

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Vollrath gets my vote too. In my previous life (back in college), I worked for Marriott (front house and catering director). All of the cookware in our kitchen was Vollrath. I even bought a few pieces for myself through their dealer. All the pieces survived 6 sets of college and graduate roomates! That says something right there about their resilency.

Haven't seen the titanium non-stick in person, but I agree with the principle. I know my Kyocera ceramic knives are virtually non-stick. I love them for slicing sticky things like cheese.

- IT Geek

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We purchased the full set at Costco and have been raving about the results every since. We forgot to ask how to remove the rubber handles though and were stumped until I tried something... grasp the rubber handle at the very bottow where the opening is and squeeze the edges while you pull it off. Comes right off easy as pie!

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I picked up the Ameriware Pro set (by Volrath). Have been using it for a little over a month now with nothing bad to say about it. I got the 11pcs set plus the flat pancake/tortilla pan for $425 (no tax). This stuff heats up quick and even and cleans up SUPER easy.

Two thumbs up from myself and my semi-pro cooking girlfriend!

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I went to Costco looking for the Vollrath, but they didn't have anything. They didn't have any good cookware. I guess it depends on the one you go to. Anyway, I looked at Costco Online, and they have a set of SS Sitram cookware that is pretty cheap. I know this Cookware is from France, and that's about it. I wonder how it would line up against its more expensive lines? Anyone have any idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sitram at Costco

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Surfas in Culver City, CA carries a lot of the Vollrath line, as do many restaurant supply houses. I like their Tribute pans, which are triple clad (SS/alum/SS) and about the same price as the non-stick.

Here is a link that might be useful: Surfas line card

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I need to return some of my Vollrath cookware due to the non-stick surfaces are peeling off. Does anyone have their address or phone number. I misplaced my info. Thanks

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After investigating, Cook's Warehouse, Inc. 2504 North Ontario St. Burbank, CA 91504, 818-556-2740 or 556-2747 Mr. Howard Teichman is the company that sells Ameriware. Vollrath says they make the cookware according to Cook's specifications and warranty it for manufacturing defects. Call Mr Reichman for help with replacements.

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Further search results: Cook's Warehouse of Atlanta GA ( may be the key to some of these questions. Vollrath manufactures this product under an exclusive contract with Cook's Warehouse, and only warranties manufacturing defects, not damage or wear and tear to the pans. The scripted salesman @ the Costco demo is slick but I never beleive a salesman without some independent verification. Sales people frequently do not know what they are talking about, and the truth is a flexable term.

Vollrath ( sales people know very little about this product because it is not part of what they sell to their normal customers. One person told me they thought it was some sort of ceramic coating, but had no idea about the core of the pan. It sure looks like aluminum to me.

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I just purchased the $399.00 Ameriware set this weekend. I am now having some doubts and may return it.
1. Vollrath has a great commercial reputation. However, this is not really Vollrath commercial.
2. The care instructions in the box are different than what the salesman presented.
3. The warranty is the same as other non-stick products. Materials and workmanship, not wear and tear. Has anyone tried to use use it?
4. Their Web site has no real info. Appears to be designed to confirm that their products carry outrageous prices online.
5. Still no real info on their non-stick surface. Ceramic, Titanium??? From the vague description it appears to be similar to ScanPan. Is this so?
6. For comparable cost, Scanpan may be a better choice.
7. Someone posted that the handles will get surface rust. Unacceptable in cookware at this price.
All said, it still may be comparable to Scanpan which appears to be the most durable, dishwasher safe set.


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should i return my ameriware set that i just purchased at costco for $399? is scanware better? some people seem to be unhappy with the ameriware.

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I just picked up a generous set of Vollrath HG-Pro cookware at the Seattle Home Show for $429. After the demonstration and talking to the rep for a bit, I was willing to give non-stick a try again.

I have been using a few pieces of fully anodized Caphalon for years. In my book, the permanent "stick resistance" of anodized is better than the "non-stick for awhile" I've experienced in the past (I have one Caphalon non-stick that has degraded in performance over the years, even after cleaning per Caphalon recommendations. I may send it in).

I cooked up my usual 4 whites + 1 yolk omelet this morning on the new pan, sans oil (except for initial seasoning), and almost spilled the finished omelet on the floor when I lifted the pan off the burner. I was not prepared for the eggs to slide around unprovoked like that. If this kind of non-stick performance lasts, then I'll be very pleased.

The Vollrath pans are lighter than my Caphalon. They heat faster, and about as evenly. The rivets and outside sides of the pan are non-stick as well, which is nice. The bottoms are machined flat and stamped with the Vollrath and NSF seals, company address, and model number. The bottoms are exposed raw aluminum. This can leave gray/silver marks on other surfaces, such as on my cast iron burner grills.

All-in-all, the set seems to be a reasonable value. If the "ceramic-titanium reinforced" non-stick really is permanent, even when using metal utensils, then the set will have been an excellent value. I just wish they had anodized the pan bottoms instead of leaving them bright and prone to marking other surfaces. Perhaps they will oxidize in time.


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