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teabag43November 24, 2012

I am looking to purchase a freestanding gas range. Does anyone know what ranges let you light with a match during power outages and do you know if any have a pilot ignition system in the oven. I am afraid that most brands will not allow you to operate without electricity. On many the gas valves will not open if there is no electricity. I use to own a simple gas stove, no bells or whistles but simplicity seems to no longer exist and the price of gas ranges are ridiculous. I live in Canada.

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Any gas range will allow you to turn on the cooktop burners with a match.

The oven is a different story. Per lawsuits and safety regulations etc.

The Premier GFK100T has a gas pilot ingnition. About $450. Simple simple simple.

Popular with "off the grid" people waiting for nuclear,bio-chemical,financial armageddon where the nation-state collapses.

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Make sure you read the manual before buying. Not all but many ranges burners can be lit by match and some ovens can but not most from what I have seen.

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If you want to be able to manually light the stovetop burners, you can do that with most gas ranges. Postings in other threads have identified a number of models where everything runs through a central electronic contoller and you cannot manually light burners. The ones that cannot be lit mannually I recall are: the Maytags with double gas ovens; the more expensive Electrolux gas stoves; and American Range's Performer stoves.

As Poolmy says, download and read the manual before you buy. Get a PDF version and you can search the manual on the word "outage." That word will take you to the section which 99% of the time explains how to manually light your stove in the event of a power outage. If you do not find a reference to outage, then the model is one which cannot be lit manually and you do not want the stove. AR might be the only brand whose manuals forthrightly say you cannot manually light the burners during a power outage.

If you are saying that you want a gas stove that can run totally off the electrical grid -- including running the oven, there are a number of choices. The ones I recall are:

(a) Hotpoint has several models of 24" and 30" ranges which use a 9v battery for both oven and cooktop burners sold by Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, etc., but may be a special order item);

(b) Brown Stove Works is known hereabouts mainly for its Five Star line of pro-style ranges but it still makes old fashioned gas stoves which can be ordered with pilot ignition in sizes from 24" to 36" (check the website for vendors).

(c) A company called Unique Gas Ranges for Off The Grid Living has several models that uses two 9v batteries per year. Sold through Backwoods Home Magazine and (I believe) the Lehmans website) and which might be available for direct purchase;

(d) Peerless Premier has several pilot-based models from 24" to 36" wide, but reviews here but mostly bad. carryied them for a while but discontinued the line after a lot of returns (sold by a variety of vendors as a special order item;

(e) Summit has or has several pilot and battery ignition models in 24 to 36" sizes (try AJ Madison);

(f) Tappan has a pilot ignition model. I saw one at our local Lowe's back in August. I believe the Tappan brand is owned by Electrolux-Frigidaire.

With most gas stoves, you cannot light the oven burners manually because the have electronic thermostats. Much as a home heating furnace uses a thermostat to cycle the burners on and off and give even heat around a set temperature, electronic thermostats give modern gas stoves much better baking and roasting abilities than the older gas stoves. (They also give the gas stoves the ability to run reliabily at fairly low oven temps.) Some postings here at GW (and elswhere) have vehemently belly-ached about electronic thermostats being outrageous interference with personal liberty by the nanny state and a conspiracy of plaintiff lawyers protecting the terminally stupid. But electronic oven ignition is nothing of the sort. As I said, electronic thermostats are what allow the ovens in gas stoves to cycle on and off with enough precision to maintain relatively even heat and baking temperatures.

You want an oven that can run off the grid with no thermostat --- it is called a gas bbq grill. A gas bbq actually can function as an oven about as well as the old gas ovens. As with the old gas ovens, you can even out heat with layer of unglazed quarry tile. In the old ovens, you put them on the oven floor; with my Weber gas bbqs, I put them on top of the steel splash bars that sit over the burners to catch and divert flare-up material (drippings) from the cooking grates. I did this last summer after my previous stove died and I was waiting for the new one to be delivered. To my surprise, I was able to bake some pretty good bread and a quiche. The new stove arrived qucikly enough that I never got around to trying it with cake, though.

Alternatives to the above:

(1) Buy an old pilot-operated a gas stove (OMG, vintage 1950's stuff is an antique?)

(2) Buy an AGA cooker;

(3) Look into tiling your kitchen, installing MUA anda fire-supression system, and check out a commerical stove with a salamander.

(4) If you have a fireplace, install a woodstove and vent it through the chimney.

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Oh, and to add to the list of gas stoves with ovens that can be lit manually, I believe that I have read here in a recent posting that you can manually light the oven in one of the Bertazzoni models which (I think) was available in Canada but not on this side of the border.

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