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gardenandcatsOctober 2, 2011

I want to buy a simple no frills printer. Just to be able to print off coupons ,recipes,directions for a few things I might want. I have read alot of reviews and most of them say that when the color cartridges run out or usually dry out . Even if your black cartridges has plenty of ink it will not print untill you replace the color cartridges.. And color catridges are costly!! I rarely would use color..

I'm looking for a printer that would allow printing in just black without having to have full color cartridges. But of course have the option of color. but being able to print and not have to replace color cartridges every couple of months.. Also wireless would be best as I have no place to leave it set up and would just use it a couple of times a month if that Thanks for any suggestions

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You probably want a 'Laser Printer'
as opposed to an 'ink jet' printer.

Might look at some & their toner cartridge replacement costs. That will help you decide fast.

Plus there are lots of tips & trips on the web to make the toner cartridge last lots longer for many brands.

I have two lasers // a black and white & a color. Dont print much & never have replaced the original toner carts which are supposed to be demo's with short lifes.

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I can't help with what you need to buy, but my HP Deskjet printer will let you print in black even if the other colors are empty. I set mine to black only. I don't do any color printing now. I don't know if they all do that, but a clerk in Office Max said they should, but most of the time the option is hidden.

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As always it is difficult to point a user in a specific direction of selection. Perhaps if you personally narrow your choices down and return here with the model numbers members will be able to assist with chosing. For me, I have always been a HP user.

Also as far as reducing ink usage, a user can develop disciplines for saving ink, i.e. printing in grayscale, and when printing from the Internet print only the target area of the screen rather than the whole screen.


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I probably will hardly ever use color. So as I know if not used it does dry up!. I do not want to have replace color cartidges just to be able to print in black is the main issue any printer that allows one to print with black regardless of color being empty is fine

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My previous HP printers only used black ink when I wanted to print black and grayscale. Unfortunately, that's not the case with many new models which are designed to use a portion of each color ink cartridge when printing black. The printer will not work until the color is replaced; then it requires that the cartridge be charged which depletes additional ink from each of the cartridges.

Since the bulk of my printing is black only, I'm researching black laser printers and plan to replace my Epson inkjet even though it works fine.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would also suggest you look at black only printing laser printers, A toner cartridge for them lasts ages not at all like the little ink jet ones. They have really come down in prices now for the basic ones that only do black.
I have a brother laser printer, mine does both color and black and it is also an all in one so that would not be what you want but brother does make a good laser printer.

Black & White Laser Printers
I found mine at office depot for a good price.

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