Did I just ruin my new cake pans?

ovenbirdFebruary 14, 2007

OK, I'm not much of a baker and I made choco chip cookie bars for the first time using brand new half cake pans. Here's where I think I messed up...I cut the bars with a kitchen knife while they were in the pan. Now I have two cake pans that are heavily scored...I can feel little ridges. Did I just ruin my cake pans? What should I have done?

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Nope.....any well loved pan has those marks....won't hurt a thing. An unmarked pan is the badge of someone who never bakes.
Linda C

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ovenbird, i try in vain to keep cookie sheets like new, but that will never, ever happen, and i have many. i'm now working on three new ones and already one looks like i've had it for years.

try using parchment paper if you are concerned about the ridges. i don't know what pans you use, but if you are really concerned, run a piece of fine steel wool over those spots.


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Thanks all...I won't worry anymore. My initial concern was that those ridges would create havoc with getting cookies off that scored surface. I'll use parchment paper, but I'll need some guidance since I've never used it before. When I take the cookies out of the oven, do I take them off the parchment paper to cool, leaving the paper on the baking pan to reuse...or do I slide the paper and the cookies off the pan altogether? It's great to learn something new each day!

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When I use parchment, I lift the paper, cookies and all off to cool, run water over the back side of the pan to cool it quickly and put a new piece of parchment down and fill the cookie tray again.
But the score marks will not hurt your pan...but I do try to remember that it doesn't take a very sharp knife not much pressure to cut.
Linda C

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lindac, thanks for the much appreciated tips!

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