Bosch Compact

IoneFebruary 17, 2006

I got a Bosch compact the other day,so far I think I will like it.When making Bread what do I do when it calls for heating milk etc?I tried the recipe for french bread that came with it and it wasnt to bad.But I want to try others. My neck and arms are so bad I cant knead bread.Trust me suzy homemaker I am not.Still haven't made cookies,just a few cake mixes,meat loaf,milk shake with the blender.I hope I didnt waste money by not buying the bigger one.Any and all help I will be grateful for.Thank you,

Mary Lynn

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How is it going with your new mixer.. as for heating milk and or water for recipes I always use the microwave and then test the temp with an instant read thermometer. I let the doughs rise in the microwave as well because after heating the water, the microwave cavity is usually nice and warm, great for rising dough in. Let it rise right in the Bosch bowl in there.

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Thanks for anwering Pkguy.Still playing with my compact.Still wondering if I should have got a bigger one.I m going to drag my Magic Mill out.Got it about 14 years ago and never used it except to grind some popcorn 1 time.Any help on how much the compact will handle?I sure dont want to blow it up.Still havent used the shedder yet.Got to get a cookbook for bread.Hopefully I find one for breads made in a mixer.Atleast if I never use it for anything but Meat Loafs and Cakes I will be happy.SORTA.Have a great day.

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