Chantal roasting pan

colo_ladyFebruary 14, 2005

I love to look through the kitchen sections of TJ Maxx and Ross and the like. Lots of times you can find great deals; sometimes the prices aren't all that much better than standard retail.

Yesterday, while in Maxx, I found (and bought) a lovely Chantal roasting pan, green enamel on the outside and brown on the inside. It's not huge and it's not covered, but it will easily fit a chicken or two cornish hens. I paid $30 - - anyone know what it usually sells for? I love this pan so it's worth $30 to me, for certain.

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*sigh* can you "love" a roasting pan?.....Green enamel ( be still my heart!) with a brown inside....just big enough for a couple of cornish hens....( pant pant!!)
Now I am lusting after one of them.....and I have at least 2 pans that will cook a couple of cornish hens very nicely, thank you.
Sick, I tell you! We're sick!!!!
Linda C

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Have we met in the aisles of these stores? I make the rounds, too. I just picked up a 3.5 qt Le Crueset Flame colored stockpot for $48. About $185 at Wms-Sonoma. What a bargain! I figured it would be good for deep frying small items as I wouldn't have to use as much oil.

I have a Chantal small stockpot that I just love. It is SS and shaped so nicely. I use it a lot. I would love to hear how your roaster roasts when you have used it.

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Twinkledome - I HOPE you're not one of those ladies who walk right into the section where I'm shopping and grab stuff right in front of me! No, I'm sure you don't do THAT... It drives me crazy!

I have a Le Crueset outlet right near my house. Talk about bargains! It's so hard to shop in that mall and not go in there. Your deal sounds like a steal.

AND Wednesday I found out they just put in a Sur le Table right near here. I'm a goner!

I'll report back after using the Chantal. Thanks!

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