carolssisOctober 10, 2012

We just updated our phones from the old razor to Nokia 900. They are fairly easy to use. Calling the "help" line is pretty useless, they know less than I do about this phone and they reccommend we take it back to the store. Store is too busy, long wait time. Web site is not real helpful either. And, yes, I do have the owner's manual downloaded in pdf. So.. the question is, does anyone know of a site I can ask questions on. Anything like this one would be great. Thanks.

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Try the forum listed :)


Here is a link that might be useful:

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

There are nokia forums you can try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nokia forum

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What are you trying to do that you can't?

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If your provider is verizon they have wonderful help forums on their site with members helping other members. The the other major carriers also have forums. I am with verizon and have gotten great help from the forums plus verizon has a nice online chat. Mary

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I've always had great over the phone customer and tech support from Verizon. Their tech support is so good, it should make other companies envious. Every question gets answered, almost anything is possible, and they always have useful suggestions. And you usually don't have to wait long, to talk to a real person who speaks English.

I don't think they offer Nokia phones right now. For whatever reason, Nokia's never seemed to have had a big CDMA presence.

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I agree about their customer service. If you read on the verizon forums a lot don't feel that way. Right now I read some problems where people went into a store to just see their options for upgrading phones but didn't do anything and next day find out there unlimited data was taken away and dropped to 2gig. I just can't believe this. Mary

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Verizon changed its pricing model. It used to be that phone calls were measured (you paid for different levels of minutes of usage) and data was unlimited. Now it's the opposite, they're pushing unlimited call minutes and tiers of data usage.

There was a date in June, before which you could start one last 2 yr period of unlimited data IF you already had an unlimited data plan and had an upgrade to use. Otherwise, no longer available. I think other carriers have similarly put an end to unlimited data. Why - because they can, and with the popularity of smart phones, data is driving usage (and stressing system capacity) more than calling is.

The resulting 2gb limit is high. I'd say it's bordering on impossible for one person to reach with normal use UNLESS someone wants to watch movies and TV in a location where Wifi isn't available OR uses their phone for navigation A LOT.

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