Old Le Creuset French Oven

tima9209February 24, 2010

I have a Le Creuset French Oven that's probably 30 years old, and it appears to have a cast iron interior (dull black, slightly rough). The current products seem to have smooth coated enamel interiors. There is also something called "satin black enamel". Just trying to figure out exactly what I have, whether the new ones are as good and worth the money, etc.

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I should have mentioned the interior of the LID does have the smooth, sand-colored enamel. It's the interior of the POT that appears to be uncoated cast iron.

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My two round LC ovens (purchased within the past two-three years) are Satin Black with the black interiors. Satin Black is a discontinued color BTW.

According to LC, they are coated inside and out with the same black (non-shiny) enamel. I purposely chose that color because I not only liked the satiny black itself, but I liked the idea of the black interior. I figured the lighter-colored enamel would eventually show stains/discoloration. I usually add a sprinkle of BKF (Barkeeper's Friend) when I'm cleaning them, and they look like brand new.

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Sounds like your French oven has developed a polymerized oil/carbon seasoning like a regular cast iron pan. Yes, enameled Le Creuset cast iron pieces can be seasoned (intentionally or unintentionally). I would be willing to bet that underneath that coating lies a sand colored enamel surface.


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