Tips for Miele oven owners from our Miele service guy

monawNovember 7, 2009

First of all let me say that we have had our double ovens for one year and our experience with Miele service has been top notch.

We had a guy out here yesterday to look at the tubular mesh seal. It was hard on the bottom part and we were concerned. Turns out that the seal is only there to protect the door from rubbing against the oven was fine but he replaced it anyway in seconds. I asked him several questions. Without writing a book here, the following is one bit of info that I was really glad to hear, and had I known this, I would have gotten the Miele ovens that were not self cleaning.

He said "Never use your self cleaning program unless it is an emergency".

In other words, unless it is so bad you can't clean it yourself. He said that it is better to use Easyoff than it is to use the self clean cycle.

There are two reasons. #!. The oven gets so hot when it's on clean cycle that it's not good for the computer board,...especially if you open the oven before it has cooled way down. and #2, it's not good for the enamel on the inside,...causing it to expand and contract and eventually over time crack. He said it's better to wipe it out after a messy bake, and to use Easyoff oven cleaner rather than the self clean cycle. I asked him about the "Easy clean" surface and if Easyoff would damage ....etc. He insisted that it was better not to use self clean if you can help it. I have had the ovens for 1 year and cleaned the top one twice. It did get very smelly. He said what we are smelling has a lot to do with 1000 degrees and what happens to the enamel.

Just wanted to pass this on...

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I have had the Perfect Clean Miele ovens for 3 years. I clean them with Greased Lightning and a green scrubby. I have also used baking soda. I can not imagine any time that you would need to use oven cleaner. Also I can't imagine what MY ovens would look like if I had only cleaned them 3 times in a year LOL. I clean them after every single use except if I am baking bread in a pan or a cake etc where there is nothing escaping . If I am baking/roasting or using the rotisserie I always spray a light coating of GL on the surface of the oven and then wipe out with paper towels after it sits for awhile. Usually everything comes off and you have brown syrup on the towels. If there is something more then it gets the "extra" scrubby and spray or of it is really bad then it gets the "baking soda under a cloth towel with boiling water on top treatment".

One key thing to remember is never let your ovens cool with the doors closed if you have baked messy stuff in the oven. All it does it bake it on more as the ovens cool slowly. Go ahead and get that door open and get it to the point that the fan is off. Then immediately spray on the GL and close the door and finish doing the dishes and then wipe out the oven. Voila...pretty as the day they were installed.

Oh you can also use BarKeepers Friend on a tough spot. Also always put a small amount of water in the drip pan under the roasting meat or in the rotisserie pan to prevent about 75% of the splatter. Hope this saves some of you some work and time and gets your oven back to Perfect Clean ! c

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I have have had my Miele oven for two years. I had my previous self-cleaning oven for 25 and could not live w/o the SC feature. If I had to go back to scrubbing down the oven after "breaking the bank" to buy the Miele, I would be one,very upset customer.

I yet to have any service reps tell me not to use the the self-clean function, nor do I recall reading anything about this issue on these boards. I do thank you for passing this info on, but I think I'm going to take a chance on this one!

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Many (if not all) self-cleaning ovens instruct owners never to use oven cleaners, e.g., Easy-Off, or abrasives as doing so will harm the self-cleaning components. How can manufacturers sell self-cleaning ovens and tell you not to use them? Isn't that akin to fraud?

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I'm simply amazed by the bizarre information people relate as having been received from their service people. All I can say is, don't believe everything you hear. Service people can come up with some pretty off-the-wall stuff.

In my estimation, if Miele didn't think their ovens were up to the rigors of the self-cleaning cycles, they'd either stop selling them, or they'd figure out a way to make sure would withstand repeated use of the cleaning cycle. I just don't know how these self-appointed service gurus come up with these strange theories. What rubbish!

Personally, I've never liked self-cleaning ovens. I find the fumes generated during the cleaning cycle to be rather noxious. I chose to go with the Miele PerfectClean ovens. I clean up any major spills as they happen, but other than that, I wipe out the oven on a fairly regular basis, scrubbing any stubborn spots with a little Formula 409 and a nylon scrubbing pad called "Dobie". After 4-1/2 years, and almost daily use, my oven isn't as pristine as it was when new, but it looks very good. I wouldn't be embarrassed to have anyone look in the oven. The door glass is still perfectly clean, although it sometimes takes a little elbow grease to keep it that way. The non-stick coating that Miele puts in their PerfectClean ovens seems to work very well, and is quite durable, although I'd never use anything as abrasive as a green scrubby. I've had very good results with the Dobie pad, and recommend them. You can find them at most supermarkets.

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>>>I just don't know how these self-appointed service gurus come up with these strange theories.

Probably from experience of having to repair the ovens :-) I agree that it's a bit outrageous for manufacturers to sell self-cleaning ovens that fry the electronics of the ranges but I believe that this is often the case - don't know about Miele.

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Heat is the enemy of all electronics. I doubt that even a manufacturer such as Miele could figure out a way to explain uncongenial truths to its customers, such as the idea that self-cleaning features are for emergency use, and do in fact shorten the life of the electronics.

Here is a link that might be useful: What's killing Apple's Time Capsules after 18 months?

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The vast majority of Miele's service people don't work for Miele. They can and do say some outlandish and false things that are not the policy of the manufacturers.

This is such a case.

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Miele Tech told me NOT to leave oven door open when it was cooling down as the heat leaving the open door could over time be harmful to the electronic board of the oven.

I had asked about how long does the cooling fan run after turning off the oven. Sure seems to run a long long time over an hour though I have never timed it because it really doesn't bother me.

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I used the Rotisserie in my new Miele Oven. I put the water in the roasting pan as advised but there was still some splatter. I very carefully wiped down the door and the bottom of the oven. I had no interest in removing the runners or working on the crusty spot in the back right of the oven. My manual suggests using the self clean before there is a huge buildup because supposedly the cycle knows how much dirt there is and shuts off when it's done. Imagine my horror when I opened the cooled down oven and it looked like a grease bomb had exploded inside. See pictures. I contacted the Miele Rep I had met and was told both by him and Miele Technical services to use the Miele Oven Cleaner or Easy Off on it. So I have but it is still not clean and it appears that the seal between the outer glass and the inner glass on the door is broken. I know what a broken seal looks likes from my windows having had them. So I am going to insist a tech come out and look at it.
To say I am unhappy that I spent the money for a Miele to have this happen in an understatement. I have had Thermador and Viking ovens with self clean and never had an experience like this. I don't mind wiping down the oven but I have zero interest in being the self cleaner.
My oven is only a month old and Miele is going to have to make this right.

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That does look awful. I bet you're going to get a new oven.

(P.S. I drive a Lexus. There was a known defect, for which they elected not to do a recall -- I don't remember why it wasn't required. Well, mine was the .0001% that failed. I got a brand new engine -- brand new from the factory. So my then-4 year old engine, was replaced with a brand-new engine. Stuff happens).

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P.P.S. If nothing ever happened, we wouldn't need warranties at all.

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Hi Texas,
Just wondering if you got your oven issues resolved with miele. We are contemplating getting a miele oven and are deciding btwn self clean vs perfect clean and whether or not the Masterchef features are worth the extra $$.

My choices are (since I'm buying a floor model)
27" master chef (with the perfect clean and extras) vs 30" classic (with self-clean and knobs vs touch) with the 27" running about $1000 more.

What would other people choose?

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i'm curious about this too. would i be correct in saying that based on the reviews on this board, folks have been more content with the perfect clean finish vs. the self clean?

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I have a Miele double-oven and use the self clean cycles in both ovens frequently and have had no problems whatsoever, and they are clean.

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Thanks ottlane. Do you have the classic or the master chef version? Anyone with the master chef version think it's still worth the extra $ for the extra features or if you were to redo, you would forego the master chef and stick with the classic version?

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When I bought my oven Masterchef was included. There was no option. I've used it twice in 8 years and could easily do without it.

However, I've read posts from people who were buying the oven for Masterchef. It works well if you don't know how to cook, or aren't sure or don't want to bother.

If the oven doesn't have it then attention really must be paid to learning the way the various combination heat settings work and which to use for what since this is European convection.

Example: one of my favorite settings -- autoroast -- is a cold-oven setting. By that I mean no preheat is required. The food is started in a cold oven then both the broiler and oven element are engaged to sear and bring the oven up to temperature. Autoroast isn't suitable for a souffle. But it's great for roasting poultry, meat or veggies -- and terrific for Thanksgiving turkey which is heavy and cumbersome to put into a preheated oven.

Learning the oven is well worth it IMO but the alternative to figuring it out is Masterchef settings. Depends on your needs.

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Hi Rococogurl!

Thank you for your insight. Hmmm...I think for now the master chef would be better for me. I was raised in a traditional Chinese home so not much oven use, but I married a Canadian/European descent whose MIL uses the oven a lot. I've started baking and roasting more for our children because I find it very convenient to just prep some meat and stick it in the oven and forget about it until its done. I still don't really understand what is bake and what is roast, but I know broil! For my "fancier" meals, I'll sear the meat on the pan and then put in the oven....but it's so fussy.

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Sounds to me like you might use and enjoy the Masterchef settings, jams. Those are very much "stick it in the oven and forget about it until its done." The oven will even turn itself off.

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Check my old posts before buying a Miele oven. I have a 30" masterchef and have had lots of temperature problems. Others have had the same problems.

I would never buy Miele again.

As a side note, I never use the masterchef features.

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I purchased a Miele Masterchef double oven about 9 months ago. I love, love, love this oven. No problem with temperature. I have used the self-cleaning setting a few times, and have done some of my own cleaning in between self-cleanings, since I read some of the posts in this thread and figure a hybrid approach might be safest. I don't really use the masterchef settings because I am so used to cooking and I know my recipes well, but its a good setting for my husband who doesn't know a lot about cooking. So far I am absolutely thrilled with the Miele.

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I don't have a Miele - but maybe I should have gotten it for the MC. The other day, I asked my DH to pre-heat the oven at 5:00 and when it beeped, put in the Zingerman pot pies.

Well - I forgot that I had it locked - now you would think a retired engineer could figure this out - but came home and nothing was cooking. He texted me along the way but I was getting my hair cut and didn't hear the pings over the music and water, etc.

I went to show him the "trick" - hold the button until it beeps - his response - it shouldn't need a lock - I explained that I lock it when I clean it and also when we have company as they tend to lean against the oven - duh...

Anyway, he can now lock and unlock the cooktop and oven - so even with simple things - it can be complicated.

PS - Love my oven but always wonder if I would have loved the Miele even more.

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