Deanna Hit a Home Run............

ann_tJuly 12, 2011

............with the perfect swap gift.

I'm absolutely thrilled with everything Deanna sent me. I bought a new grill two weeks ago and was actually thinking about buying new grilling utensils. Now I'm all set to go.

Each of Deanna's gifts came packaged as a legitimate set - so no cheating.

Set #1

BBQ Utensils - Large turner, tongs, and a fork.

Set #2

Kitchenaide skewers. These will be just perfect for my favourite chicken souvlaki. And what I love about them is that there is a little slider thingie at the handle end to support the first piece of meat and stop it from sliding further up the skewer.

and Set#3

I've always wanted one of these but just never bought one - A branding Iron. The first thing I did was set it with "Moe and Ann". Can't wait to grill a steak.

Deanna, Thank you so much. You know I will put each and everyone one of these items to very good use.


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Very cool! Great tools and love the branding iron! Watch out, Moe! Well done, Deanna!


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Great grilling package...branding your steak will ensure that you will have the right one! -maria

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Talk about multi-use tools darfc

(nice box for the grill-mistress!)

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Great package and talk about good timing.
Enjoy your gifts, Ann.
Can't wait to see the first branded steak.

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That branding iron is so cute :-)

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So cool! And how great to go with a new grill! I love those skewers!! And I can taste that branded steak now. Yum! way to go Deanna!

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Deanna! I know that Ann will enjoy all her goodies! Grilling is one of her favorite ways to prepare food. Mine too, so I know how much
Ann will enjoy these items!

Ann, looking forward to seeing "Ann and Moe" on you wonderful grilled steaks!

Great job Deanna!

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Nice, Deanna!
I like the branding iron. I'm sure your guests will get a kick out of it, Ann! Those sliders are cool for getting the meat OFF the skewers as well. No more trying to slide the meat off with a fork or knife.


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Cool tools, Deanna. That branding iron is great and I'm going to have to find skewers like that.

For some reason I keep getting this visual of Ann chasing Moe around waving that....ohnevermind.size>

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beachlily z9a

That looks like a fun set, especially the branding iron. I've never seen one! Good going!!

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Very attractive and useful package! I can think of lots of messages that you can make with the branding iron - it looks like a lot of fun. Did it come with numerals? Can you buy extra letters? It's like a printing press for meat! Now I really wish I could grill steaks - I wonder if it would work with tuna. How difficult will it be to change the message between steaks?

Good going, Deanna!


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How perfect!! LOL, I'm with the others in imagining Moe being a littttle worried about that branding iron. I've always thought they were cool. The bbq set is really nice. I love how they now do the spatula with the nice cutting edges. Great idea. The tongs have nice grips on them too. I really like the skewers too. Ann, you like the stop towards the handle but I like how they twist at the other end to help things from sliding off in that direction. What timely thoughtful gifts. For sure ones you'll get tons of use from. Great choices Deanna!

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Those are lovely tools and what perfect timing with your new grill,Ann. I like the stops on the skewers, and I can't wait to see a branded steak.

Very nice and thoughtful choices Deanna.


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No cheating and great items with in the summer theme. How perfect that it was also just what you needed.

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I also like the branding iron, just think of the things you could put on a steak, LOL, or and lots of other things. (grin)

Yeah, Jessica is rubbing off on me, I guess.

Great useful swap box, Deanna.


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