Blue Star 30" RNB

Caro39November 18, 2013

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have taken the time to post about Blue Star, the good, the bad and the ugly! I could never have made a decision without all the valuable input I found on this site. At long last I finally decided to get a good gas range and when I went to our appliance store I almost fell over at how the prices have gone up. I stumbled upon the Blue Star due to the salesman (I had never heard of them before). I wanted a cooking machine without all the bells and whistles that I could use when our power goes out and something that produced excellent food!!! My Scotch blood steered me towards the RCS but in the end I decided with something like this you get what you pay for. Thanks to a sale I was able to get the RNB and just finished eating the best stir fry ever that I made!! Friend loved it as well!! So....if any of you are "lurking" here as I was, wait for the sale and get the RNB, the heat of that 22,000 btu burner makes for far superior stir frys and now I am off to discover what else it can do!! By the way, the show room model of the RCS had edges that could have impaled a person; when you are cooking and moving fast these things can make a world of difference but may seem trivial when considering how much you want to spend. ( Oh and that would be just at the height of a little one's head. Maybe they have put the bullnose on the RCS now).

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I agree about the stir fry. I just found a made in Hong Kong wok at a thrift store, took it home, gave a good cleaning with Kosher salt and a plastic bristle brush. I made the best stir fry ever on my RNB! What a difference with the right equipment and heat!

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Was the showroom model of the rcs the old one or the new one? I was finally able to take a look at Blue star in person, but they didn't have an rcs.

Is the place you got yours on the web somewhere?

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Actually, I don't know if the RCS was the old or new because I was going to get it until I read on this site the difference the 22,000 btu burners made which stopped further research on the RCS. Yes Albert Lee (the showroom) has a website, just google the name. They are very helpful.

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