what do Amish use for cookware?

kevin1106February 7, 2009

Does anyone know what type of cookware the Amish use in their kitchens? I need pieces such as a frying pan and a dutch oven and am considering acquiring cast iron. I have heard good and bad things about cast iron. I believe if the Amish use cast iron its probably a good way to go.

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I'd guess cast iron, too. There's not a lot of bad things to be said for cast iron other than heavy weight and being cautious with proper care. Have you heard anything else?

Most folks buy whatever suits their needs. A cast-iron saucepan would probably be too heavy to use comfortably. Many people like a modern lightweight non-stick small skillet for eggs everyday, easy to handle and clean. Yes the non-stick coating can wear, and you're best to not spend too much money and replace the skillet every couple of years, depending on use.

Have you checked the Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron? I was interested in one of those skillets.

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Having been in at least two Amish homes where cooking was taking place, I'd say they use some cast iron and other pretty heavy duty cookware and baking pans. Not only do they get a lot more exercise and manual labor than many of the rest of us, but they cook everyday for large families, so they need pots, pans, and bake ware that will hold up to lots of use.

I am not Amish, but I find myself using my cast iron more and more. It's been a couple of years since I bought a $15-20 non-stick pan at TJ Maxx. Instead I use my 6-inch and 8-inch cast iron skillets and my round cast iron griddle, plus my Le Creuset enameled cast iron French oven.

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Quote: "I believe if the Amish use cast iron its probably a good way to go."

I hope you are not in the market for a new car. The Amish use Horse and Buggy :)


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I live and work among the Amish and have been to plenty of their carry-in dinners. The most common cookware that I see is the "waterless" stainless steel brand called "Lifetime". I'm not sure if it's still on the market but I know that it used to be sold at home parties where a demonstrator would come in and cook a meal and then you'd be invited to buy. It was very pricey and I never have had a piece. It seems to hold up very well though and when you do see pieces advertised at a garage sale or estate sale it is a big deal and even used will bring a good price. It seems like something that they really like and probably hand down to the next generation (must be pretty sturdy and I know that it is really heavy in weight). I've never seen it in a store so I'm not sure how it's marketed today (if at all). The Amish tend to decide that a particular brand is the thing to buy and then everyone in the clan goes for it. Also, you have to remember that they don't usually have access to all the kitchenware stores that the rest of us have, so if you go to all your relatives Lifetime parties that's what you will buy.

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Thank you for your responses. I have decided to use nonstick frying pans less and have purchased some lodge cast iron cookware. I purchased a 12" frying pan, a smaller frying pan and a griddle. They are all pre seasoned. They have all worked fine and so far food has sticked just a little. I would say the amount of sticking is negligable and less than in stainless steel cookware that I have. I understand the more cast iron is used as time goes on the more nonstick it becomes. The cost was extremely reasonable. I have decided to avoid the nonstick cookware for health reasons. I am very happy with the cast iron and would recommend it. At least buy one small skillet first and see how you like it.

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Thanks for your review of the Lodge pre-seasoned. I will take your advice and try the small skillet... I have a credit at Amazon that should cover it.

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