Luv my new Anolon

n2cookinFebruary 25, 2008

After reading many posts here, I chose Anolon Advanced cookware and bought 3 pieces open stock as suggested. It's some really heavy stuff. But boy did I buy some BIG pieces. Two people hardly need a 12" skillet and the saucepan is pretty huge too. So I may need a couple more smaller pieces as time goes on. I ordered them online so didn't get to see their size before ordering. Wow, they could be used as weapons if you were a body-builder. But I got my money's worth and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good set. They look really nice too!

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Glad you like it. Happy cooking

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I have an 8" Anolon Titanium from a long time ago that I love but am needing to replace.
Does the Advanced have that chalkboard finish on the outside? I dont use a dishwasher but still dont like the feel of that stuff. B

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Marys1000, yes, I guess you might call it "chalkboard-like". Never thought of that, but yes, it's grayish black and very smooth. I air-dry all my pots and I do notice my hard water deposits on it a lot.

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