Ceramic knives -- first impressions

asoloFebruary 7, 2006

Posted couple months ago about Kyocra ceramic knives asking for opinions. Made impulse buy for self and family for Christmas. Here is my impression after a month of regular use......

Purchased 3" paring knife, 5" utility, 5 1/2" Sanoku. Least-expensive white-colored blades.

Basically, these are super-sharp slicers...period. That they do with unequaled aplomb. Sort of like razor-blades with handles. They feel different in-use from any knife I've ever used. If they hold that edge over time, I will consider them to be very worthwhile purchases -- with specific limited uses. For soft vegetables or meat trimming -- which I do a lot of -- they are unequalled IMHO. For example, they slide through sinew and gristle better than anything I've ever used. Trimming steaks, chops, filets, etc. is a whole new experience. Tough-skinned limes and tomatos or stringed vegetables a dependable pleasure to work with. Effortless work with items like those. Much better than sharpest steel for that in my experience. It's not just the sharp edge -- the entire slicing motion feels entirely different. The ceramic material sliding through the vegetable or meat feels much different than steel.

They are NOT much good at chopping, scraping, or cutting of harder materials like frozen foods, small bones, or very thick/dense vegetables. The comparative delicacy of the ceramic tang/handle coupling doesn't inspire confidence with anything other than light low-resistance slicing. And there are a lot of other things you shouldn't do....like put them in dishwashers or cut against hard surfaces. And, of course, one can't -- or shouldn't -- attempt to sharpen them. Or so the literature says. And they're subject to impact-breakage if dropped or over-flexed -- although I have not had that exerience to date. Accordingly, I keep them individually sheathed away from other knives or hard things that might knock against them. In other words, I treat them like specialty utensils requiring special consideration -- which is kind of a nuisance in my constantly working kitchen.

My opinion is they are, indeed, very useful for these light slicing jobs -- better than anything I've ever used for that. If their edges last, I'll be happy. But they are NOT replacements for a set of good steel knives in a working kitchen.

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Glad to read you assessment....I wondered....
Linda C

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