HAVE: apology to my swap partner

girlsingardensJuly 22, 2006

Well someone here that is looking for a package from the man in brown should get one next week...... The only problem is that I wrapped it all up and packaged it carefully....left it at my folks office to be sent out....and forgot to put the letter in or tell who it was from..... so someone that likes to can will get a box of canning stuff from an anonymous person....who forgot to name herself girlsingardens.... who has a 3 yr old and 1 yr old helpers that make me forget where my mind has been... package will go out UPS on Monday


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LOL, Stacie. I've never, ever sent out a swap box without forgetting the letter. Ever.

Boy, am I glad it's not just me.


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Yep, had it all taped up and ready to go, then spied the letter and notes sitting in a neat little pile! Managed to slit the seam open and slide them in. And I usually leave a gift out as well, but that's because the box is too full!

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It must be an epidemic! I did the same thing. I had Janet's box all nicely taped up and addressed, when I looked over and saw the letter still on the table. I slit it open, slid the letter in and added one more layer of tape.

What a brain dead bunch.


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I forgot to put a layer of bubble wrap on top of the items before taping up because I was so focused on not forgetting letter. But, it looks like Compumom got everything unscathed in spite of my inept packing.

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