Comparison: All Clad to JC Penney Cooks brand.

caflowerluverFebruary 6, 2007

I know you are thinking - what comparison, there is no comparison. Well I have been checking out new pots for awhile now and really like All Clad (except for the price and the handles).

I was ordering something else on JC Penney online and saw the big sale on their brand of SS cookware Cooks.

"The aluminum core extends up the sides of the pans for quick temperature change response and even heating. Sleek tempered "view-through" glass lids offer cooking convenience and are protected by a stainless steel band. 18/10 stainless steel surrounds a layer of aluminum which responds quickly to temperature changes. Professional cast stainless steel handles are riveted for durability."

10 pc. Was $399.99 Now $149.99

13 pc. Was $499.99 Now $199.99

Well it just arrived, very fast shipment since I just ordered it Saturday afternoon. I took them out and measured them and weighed them then looked up All Clad on Amazon to get size and weight. The first thing I noticed is they don't weigh much more then my 30 year old Revere ones.

All Clad are twice the weight so the Cooks must have very thin layers. The Cooks are shallow but wider then the Revere and All Clad fall somewhere in between. I don't know which is better, shallow and wide or tall and narrow? And would the ones with the clad bottom weigh more?

I can't believe they were asking such a high price to begin with. I must admit I am not that impressed. The fun part is going to be packing it all up again.

I did all this work so thought someone else might as well get some good out of it. Just FYI.



1.5 QT.

1.75LB. 7"W X 3.25"H


2.25LB 8" X 3.75"


3.25LB 9.5" X 4.25"


4.5LB 12" X 5.25"


3.25LB 10" X 3"

10" FRY

2.25LB 10" X 2"


1.5 QT.

3LB 6"W X 3.25"H


4LB 6" X 3"


5LB 8" X 4.6"


7LB 12.8" X 11.9" X 6.5"


6LB 10.5" X 3.25"

10" FRY

4LB 10" X 2"

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Actually I should have been comparing it to Calphalon Tri Ply Stainless Steel 13-Piece set at BB&B. It almost looks just like it. I wish I could get the All Clad, but not at $1000.

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What pans did you end up with? I am looking at the JCPenny Copper tri ply COOKS line as opposed to the All Clad copper obviously a huge price difference, but, The Cooks line is as you say lighter, but that is a plus for me as I have severe arthritis, I wish I knew how they actually cook especially with high heat. They do have a Lifetime guarantee like All Clad, and thier guarantee is by JCpenny, so you bring the pan to the store and get a new one or a refund, which means of course you have to keep your reciepts. So at this point I am really torn on the question they are on sale currently as well.

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I was looking at JC Penny Copper tri-ply Cooks line also. Did you end up buying it and if so, how did it perform?
I was also considering the Gourmet Standard Copper set which is supposed to be comparable to All Clad. Does anyone have any experience with this line of cookware?

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It is really funny you posted this today. I have not been on this forum in months and tonight I saw some clearance All clad copper chef pans at a local store. So I came on to look the same ones up online. Anyway to answer your question yes I did get two of the Pans a one quart sauce pan and a 3 qt. saucier. they both work very very well and in fact has them on sale right now. Fortunately the writing on the bottom of the pans polishes off in a short time. I didn't want writing on my pans.
They are a good value and on sale a great value, the copper layer is not as thick as the all clad but both are so thin I am not sure how much that matters. anyway I have been pleased with the Penny's ones.

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In response to the Gourmet standard question, I too almost purchased a couple of pieces. What made me ultimately decide against it is the fact that it is just a thin outer layer of copper with an aluminum core. This is perfectly fine, but then I thought why would I would I want to have to hassle with trying to keep it looking good when it wasn't even "solid" copper cookware. Plus, like some the JCP, it seemed kind of thin. Ultimately, I chose CIA Masters Collection, which is WAY better than all-clad or even viking. Originally, I dismissed the Masters Collection because it was so expensive, $1000 for a ten piece set. If you find a place that stocks this stuff and can hold it, you'll see that its worth every penny. I just didn't have that many pennies. I found a steal of a deal online though. The ten-piece set for $499. I didn't buy the set, because my wife would KILL me if I brought that many more new pans home. I did buy the 12 in saute that was recently rated as tops in fine cooking mag. Its a $200 pan that I picked up for $115. Plus the masters collection has a copper core, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: CIA Masters Collection

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I just bought the jc pennys cooks brand 13pc set(tri ply stainless not copper) a month ago and I couldnt be happier.I coudlnt afford the all clad and this is my first experience cooking with stainless.I read good reviews on the cooks and luckily it was on sale at pennys for 149.00. After reading reviews about stainelss sticking and hard clean up I was a bit apprehensive but let me tell you the cooks cookware cleans up like a dream, seriously. I dont cook on high heat, usually setting 7 is as high as Ive cooked with it but clean up is a breeze.I use bar keepers friend and they come out like brand new.I am amazed at frying my eggs, a light spray of cooking oil and I can flip the eggs in the pan, then slide them off on a mess whatsoever...bacon wasnt a problem either.I like the weight of the pieces,not too heavy but not too thin either.The "new" revereware I think is thinner than the old revereware but this cooks is still heavier than the old revereware. They feel well made and the stainless interior is smooth not rough turned like a philippe richard fryer pan I bought which is rough and turned dull inside after I used bar keepers friend on it.This set of cooks is a big step up for me since I cant afford much, but Im very pleased and happy with my purchase.If the copper set is as nice as the stainless you will be happy.

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This is like trying to decide between buying the new Porsche 911 turbo and a Chevy Aveo. Both of them will get you to work, but......

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We got a new induction cooktop and HAD to buy magnetic stainless cookware. All Clad was just too heavy for my wife with an injured right shoulder, JCP Cooks set was only $199 and we have been very happy with the even and speedy cooking and how easily it cleans up, with Bar Keepers Friend every couple weeks to keep them new and shiny. No hesitation to recommend Cooks for former Reverewere users for any kind of cooktop.

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