bedroom 2nd floor - is a bathroom needed??

cefosterOctober 9, 2010

Hi there! I have tried researching and finding building codes for NC (the only ones I found were to be purchased). A friend told me that in a new build, in order for a bedroom on the 2nd floor to be counted as a bedroom (and not a loft or bonus area) would be to have at least a small bathroom with a shower. Other than that, it can't be considered a bedroom (I am speaking in a new build). We will already have all the bedrooms on the main floor but would like to use the area as a bonus bedroom....but we do not want to have a bath up there (as we will have a full bath on the main floor and in the basement). Also, what is the lowest ceiling height you can have that would be to code (7 foot?)....just asking as we don't want to make the roof any taller than it is so it fits in well around the other homes. Thank you in advance!!!

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Does it matter to you that it counts as a bed room? If It doesn't matter then use it as you wish when you move in.

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Before building, we looked at a house that upstairs "bedrooms" but no bathroom--and we passed on that house.

I think you should have a bathroom (at least a powder room) on every floor with living space and a 3/4 or full bathroom on every floor with a bedroom.

If you're going to use that room as a 'bonus' bedroom, does that translate to guest room? Do you really want your guests to have to come downstairs to reach a bathroom?

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My sister in law has an older house with no guest bath upstairs. I don't like it when we stay there. It stinks to have to travel down a flight of stairs first thing to go potty and travel up and down with clothes etc to take a shower. But if you are not going to use it as a bedroom and you don't care, then why not just call it a study or something.

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sounds like you need to talk to your architect. they should know ceiling height clearance, and the bedroom question.

if you have 3brs already, I don't think I'd care if it "counted" if I weren't planning to use it as such.

If I were living in the BR, I'd want at least 8' ceilings and a 3/4 bath on my floor.

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I'm nearly positive that NC requires a bathroom on all floors with bedrooms. They might even require a bathroom on all floors. There is a ceiling height limitation and I think it is above 7 foot. Every floor needs to be separately zoned on HVAC.

Shortcuts are generally not allowed in new construction in NC. In my jurisdiction, if they think it looks like it could be a bedroom, it needs to be set up like a bedroom. Smoke detectors, ARC fault, enough egress windows etc. That is a pretty strict interpretation and I realize that is local.

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Thanks everyone for your help and answers - I appreciate it!!! Man - I guess we will not use that extra space if NC will make us put a bath up there and there is no space for egress windows unless we raise the you all have helped me and my decision. Take care!! You all are the best!!!

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you can't have it finished as "bonus" space?

can you have an unfinished walk up attic? and finish it later.

why do you want it to be a bedroom? since it sounds like you don't want to give it the "amenities" of a bedroom, such as windows, ceiling height and a nearby bath?

sounds like what you want to build really meets the definition of a finished attic or bonus space

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