30" or 36" Wolf Range?

AGK2003October 13, 2013

We originally planned to put in a 30" AG wolf range but are getting a great deal on a 36" AG wolf floor model. any negatives to going with the 36"? i doubt i'll have use for 6 burners at a time but would love to have a bigger oven and should fit into the kitchen fine. any general thoughts on the wolf AG?

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I love my 30-inch Wolf AG. The burners have all the power I need and the oven cooks beautifully.

Are you getting the newer model, or the one that was recently discontinued?

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hmm, that is an excellent question jellytoast. i had no idea there was a new range introduced. i don't know- i am guessing since it is a floor model i am getting the discontinued but would have to check on that. what is the difference(s) between the two?

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There are quite a few differences between the two. I have the discontinued model, but looked at both as the older style had just been discontinued when I started my search.

The older style has semi-open burners, the newer burners are sealed. The way the burners produce flames is different, too. The older style has a larger ring and a smaller ring of flames.

The older style has a top that comes completely apart for cleaning, and also has a drip tray that pulls out for easy cleaning in case anything spills into the open burners (I've never had to use this feature yet, but I like it). I love the "take apart" top, though it is certainly not necessary to take it apart very often. But when you do, it's very easy.

The grates on the older model are singular, and the new style uses grates that go across two burners. I prefer the smaller ones because they are just easier to move around to clean underneath, and to pop in the sink if necessary.

The newer style uses a "clicking type" igniter for the oven, and the old style uses a silent glow bar. This was a big deal for me because I hated the ticking sound from my previous oven while the oven lit and re-lit to maintain temperature.

The style of the available risers are slightly different.

The doors are different. On the new style, the door goes all the way from edge to edge. On the old style the door is inset.

The knobs are different styles and they are a different "red" ... the old style are a deeper red, the newer are a brighter red.

I got my range earlier this year. After looking at both models, I only wanted the older, discontinued style and went searching for a floor model so that I could get one.

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jellytoast, thank you for such a thorough rundown. i think i would prefer the newer because i like the fully sealed burners. my mother has a viking with the semi-sealed and i did not like working with it.

well the dealer informed me that the wolf 36" floor was sold (odd since he only emailed me late yesterday) so that is out. might still go with the wolf 30" or the thermador AG 36".

i don't know, i'm a bit all over the map. the other day i started thinking maybe i should scrap gas and go with induction.

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AGK--the one thing I don't know if you have considered is that a 36" gives you more real estate for cooking. You can spread out more and use larger pans than you can with a 30". You said you have the room, which is why I mention it. In my view, the only downside to a larger range is that you lose the 6" of countertop and cabinet/drawer space. That's not a minor consideration. But if you have the room, the 36" is a vast improvement in terms of elbow room.

I went from a 30" to a 36" in a relatively small kitchen and I couldn't be happier.

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thanks for all the responses! i was reading on consumer reports that the wolf range has issues with simmering (ie, it doesn't get low enough to simmer). for those who have one, any issues with simmering?

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Mine simmers great, but I have the old style burners. I am not sure how the "stacked" burners on the new style gas ranges simmer, but I do believe those burners are the same as the ones on the dual fuel models. There may be some recent discussions on GW about that, if you try a search.

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My 36" Wolf AG range was installed in June, and I have been quite pleased with its performance. I've had no problems with food sticking to the pot or boiling over when simmering, and water boils fast enough to suit me. If I listen, I can hear the oven ignite, but it doesn't bother me.

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I like the sealed burners that Wolf makes and have had them just at 5 years. Simmering (keeping just below the boiling point) and even just warming are their strong points. For showmanship some of the ranges will show melting chocolate on a paper plate. You can compare the low end of BTUs on any brand to determine how low a range will go. You will sometimes see simmer measured in degrees which they obtain by measuring water in a pot but the temperature of water is so variable in a pot. If you even move the probe an inch you will get different numbers. The top is much cooler than the bottom. There is much more movement of water than much of what you are cooking dispersing more of the heat as well.
The temperature will be affected by what you are cooking. Starchy things like pasta, split pea soup. mashed potatoes tend to scorch more and high sugar syrups hold a lot of heat. I have no trouble holding any of these at just warm. I did have one caramel syrup, out of the many different ones that I have made that would not stop boiling while I was trying to hold it warm on the 325 BTUs. I think it may be because of the small volume.
The temperature will also be affected by the pan you are using. If you are using cast iron, steel or stainless steel pans they conduct heat poorly and will tend to hold the heat keeping the bottom of the pot hotter. If you are using pan of aluminum or copper in significant amounts, they are better at conducting heat so it is dispersed producing a lower temperature. Pans that are made in layers are harder to evaluate because the amount of cooper or aluminum in them are generally unknown. The size of the pan will also affect the temperature.
The BTU rating at least will give a baseline output before the other variables are added.

(3) 15,000 (950)
(1) 9200 (325)

Wolf semi sealed were
16,000 Btu high / 500 Btu simmer

Keep in mind that Wolf's service is not what it used to be. I feel confident that they will be responsive during the warranty period but they will not stand by their product past that, even with a known manufacturing defect. They did at one time. I have had chipping issues with the blue enamel on the DF. If you go with the AG you may be ok. I would be tempted to buy an extended warranty for whatever you buy as it may be the thing you least expect to go wrong. With the DF I worried more about the electronics going out and it turned out to be the actual physical structure of the oven which is probably more expensive than the electronics to fix. When I bought my Wolf range I was told I didn't need an extended warranty as Wolf would always stand behind it. Not any more.

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I will hate leaving my wolf 36" range (4 burners + Grill). It's not that I need 4 or 6 burners at a time, but the 36" makes it easy to use more than one really large pot or pan at the same time. The oven is enormous and I love it! Lots of cookie sheets, or multiple cake layers. Love it. Oven in our new house will be as wide, but not as high, I know it will really take an adjustment to figure out how to fit all the same things. A 36" oven that is as tall as on a wolf range is just pure luxury and can't be beat.

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I am just about to order my Wolf Range/ and steam oven.I am nervous about it being low to the ground. Should I get a cooktop and separate ovens? Any experience with a full range, and wishing you had wall ovens instead?

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There are many threads on range vs cooktop/range top. You are not likely to get good responses to your question by adding on to an old thread with an off-topic question. And you do know that cooktops and range tops are not the same thing?

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I am ok getting down on my knees now to get in my gas wolf oven, but someday when I am older I wouldn't mind having wall ovens so I wont have to get down there anymore.

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We purchased the 36" Wolf AG open burner last year and couldn't be happier. Yes, that added 6" real estate is so worth it when cooking and baking. The merits are well reviewed above.

As to the oven, I did wonder about bending down, but I purchased the slide out rack and put it at the top and find it very easy on the back.

I'd go with a 36" if you have the space. Good luck.

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