Calphalon Contemporary Stainless - Fits!

ply17410February 6, 2011

The below all took place the week of Jan 31, 2011.

I bought two different Contemporary SS 13 pc sets at Bed Bath and Beyond, both went back for various manufacturing issues (nicks on rims, pits on inside bottoms, cross grain scratch/brush marks from poor finising and a dented lid handle).

So I tried Macy's (two different stores) and one was finally good! (The other had issues with the saute pan, metal sliver sticking out on the chef pan (stabbed my finger) and a dent in the rim of the stock pot lid).

Calphalon customer service says all this is not indicative of their quality.

I do like the way they cook however.

What have you seen? Am I being too picky?

Bob H

Minneapolis, MN

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Sorry to hear you're having problem with your Calphalon cookware. I purchased a set long ago when they just first came out with the Contemporary design. At the time, they only offered a 10-piece set and that's the set I have. I didn't have any of those problem with my Calphalon Contemporary Triply SS set.

If you paid full retail price, I don't think you're being too picky. After all, that set is quite pricey! You ought to get what you've paid for.

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Yesterday, I visited our local Calphalon Outlet store. I found out that when Calphalon cookwares have dents and scratches, they're considered Second Quality. Their cooking quality are the same though. They're often ended up sold in Calphalon Outlet stores with a much more reduced price. At this local outlet, those cookwares were 40% discounted.

So again, you're not being picky at all Bob. I'd have done the same :o)

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