bluestar warped grate??

loafer80October 21, 2013

So we have had a RCS36" for a few months now. It is really a delight to cook with it, we have been able to make better food stove top and roasting in the oven.

Today we noticed one of the inner grate was not sitting tight as it was, and has warped. I presume this is due to the high heat.

We tried searching it on the forum or on internet, but nothing came up except one post here that mention of warped inner, and they used JB weld as filler to raise the warped ends. Unlike the outer bowl grate, there is not screw adjustment for the inner grates. We are wondering if it is typical for the inner grate to warp with normal use.

Thanks in advance

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We've had our Bluestar 36 6 burner RNB for 3 years and haven't had any warping problems.
The grates are made of cast iron and, as far as I know, cast iron doesn't warp until it gets to some very high temps. Higher than the range is capable of producing.
You may want to contact Bluestar to see if they'll send a replacement.

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